Tuesday, July 16

The Double Braid

I've been meaning to post this pictorial for a double braid look and I'm finally getting around to it now!! This hair style is one of my favorites because not only does it get the hair off my neck--helloooo Tennessee humidity--but it gives me double the braids. And we all know that braids are one of the essential summer styles.

I hope you enjoy the look and it inspires you to create a braided style on your own!

1. Separate two front sections of your hair. This look works well with a middle OR side part.

2. Tease the crown and gently pull back the rest of your hair into an elastic.

3. Pull your hair through into a bun making it as messy as possible.

4. The section that was left in front needs to be split in half. Braid back one section and pin it a little higher so that you can make room for the second braid.

5. Braid the other section and pin underneath the first braid close to the bun.

6. The final thing, which I did not give a number, is to just pin the bun close to your head. It's okay that a few pieces stick out. This easy summer look needs to look carefree.

Look what you just achieved! Who knew double braids could be so much fun!!







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