Saturday, July 13

The start of my crazy dreams.

I've been known to have some weird crazy dreams. They used to always occur after having something to eat relatively close to going to sleep. And they got stranger if what I ate was sweet. I never really caught on to that until a few years ago and I have tried to stop all eating before 8 pm. But for some reason, my subconsciousness still likes to act out. Maybe she wants to prove something to me?

When Jerry and I first moved in together, I was waking up from nightmares almost every night that first week. And do you know what those nightmares were? My family was being killed. As a result, I woke up sobbing.

So I guess I answered my own question. I have crazy dreams either when I eat late or when I'm stressed out about something. Point taken.

Jerry keeps telling me that I need to keep a dream journal and what better way to do that than on the blog?! I hope you can follow along.

I was planning on going to the lake with the youth from our church. Ryan and I were the only young-adult supervisors that the youth pastor, Billy, had asked to go. Luckily there were only about twenty kids going so we felt pretty confident that we could help wrangle the group if needed. We loaded up the bus and headed there. As we arrived and unloaded everything, we had to follow this trail to our cabins, so Billy took the front of the group and Ryan and I were the caboose.

We got to talking about our personal lives and he made it clear that he wanted to date me. As I was trying to find the words to kindly put him down, I looked ahead and noticed that everyone was walking in light speed. One second we were right behind them, I blinked, and all I could see was a trail of light as if I just watched the USS Enterprise disappear in the distance. We ran as fast as we could to try and catch up with them but all it did was take us to a fork in the road.

We stood there for a second and gave logical reasons as to why they would go each way but decided just to pick one at random. About an eighth of a mile down the path, we came upon a two-story house. It wouldn't hurt to check there, right? I walk in first and notice that the house was occupied by Hispanic men. Ryan and I look around, so he went one way and I went the other. Every room had a man with a different occupation. One was laying bricks, cement and everything. In the next room, a man was polishing an old violin. In the next, a man was cooking a crap ton of ground beef.

I walk in the fourth room and I'm immediately greeted by this man with a look of lust on his face. Obviously I want nothing to do with him so I walk straight past him to find Ryan and to change into my swim suit. Since we couldn't find the group, we might as well take a swim in the lake behind the house, right?

The bathroom we were going to change in had stalls but there were no doors. We looked in other rooms but they were wide open. No stall doors had to work. Ryan was kind enough to hold my towel up in front of me. I pulled up my halter one-piece and was about to stick my head through the strap when out of nowhere that deranged Hispanic from that last room grabs the strap and begins to run out of the room. All I can do is cover my girls and run with him until I can snatch it free from his hands.

After running through every other room in the house, he runs out the front door and Ryan trips him causing him to fall down the stairs and release my swim suit strap. Our group of youth that we lost earlier that day popped out from underneath the boards of the front porch and immediately tackle this man. After he is taken away, everyone acts like we had just arrived. They were talking about how beautiful the nature walk was to the cabin and how excited they were to jump off the pier by the lake.

And then I woke up.

FYI, this is just the tip of the iceberg. This dream might seem tame but I promise my dreams get cray-cray.

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