Wednesday, July 31

My facial cleaning regimen

I've been asked by a very pretty reader what my facial cleaning regimen entailed. I used to be HORRIBLE when it came to washing my face at night. I'd just sleep through it and wash it off in the shower the next morning. Sure, I'd get the occasional bump, but cleaning it daily didn't clear my skin up either so my lazy self told me I'd be alright.

I've also been blessed to work for a medical practice that doesn't have clinic every day. We have patients, in my particular office, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I see two other female co-workers so I don't care that I scare them off go bare. Not wearing makeup but maybe three times a week--four, tops--has helped my skin breathe. It has cleared up those lazy-to-cleanse-bumps but I also take pride in how I wash my face now.

Here's what I do:

I cleanse my face with OXY Maximum Face Wash but because of the chemicals that can dry out my skin, I'm scared to rub the wash over my eyes to remove the makeup. I never really used soap on my eyes but I had a friend growing up that did. I always thought it was kind of strange, but it worked for her. I also use a rag when washing my face because soap, water, and a little splish-splash doesn't remove all of the makeup.

I simply rub my eyes with water and my hands until the mascara and/or eye shadow begins to smear. I then take a corner of the rag and rub off as much as I can without causing pain to my eyelids and eyeballs.

Next I will lather a squirt or two of the face wash in my hands and wash my face. And rather than splashing water in my face, I'll take another section of the rag and wipe it down, making sure there is plenty of water to rinse it. I'll often repeat this step to ensure all makeup is removed.

Because I'll probably still have raccoon eyes at the end of all this, I will pull out some eye makeup remover, shake it up, apply to a cotton ball and rub on my eyes until the black has vanished. I use Neutrogena Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover but the Wal-Mart brand works just as well.

Aestheticians will probably advise you to apply some sort of moisturizer to your face after washing it, but I don't do that until I apply makeup the next day. But if you try this face wash and it dries your skin more than you would like, by all means, please apply some moisturizer.

I wash my face every Tuesday and Thursday night and the nights of when I go out over the weekend. Face washing regimens are different with every person. If you want something simple, try something like me. If you want something that gives you a deeper clean-feel, try giving yourself some sort of mask once a month. I like Lauren Conrad's post for a 5-step Facial. She suggests an at-home spa day instead of spending money for a professional facial. We can all stand to save money so read what she has to say!

What is your facial cleansing regimen? Have you changed it through the years? What would you suggest to someone looking to switch up things?


  1. Excellent tips for home facial care! A good, thorough wash is definitely the way to go. It takes effort and time, but the end results are always worth it. Also, I'm curious - what do you think of spa facial treatments, where one would have to go to a clinic or a center to get them done? I personally think that they're a great supplement to home facial care.

    1. It's interesting reading this back after seeing your comment because I wash my face completely differently now after visiting my dermatologist. Maybe I'll do a follow-up post. As far as spa facial treatments go, I had one a few weeks ago along with a body massage and I would have the facial over the massage any day. I trust aestheticians with my life. Lol. But they are at several facilities. You could go to a dermatologist, beauty schools (they'll probably have discounts here!), massage parlors, even a plastic surgeon's office. The only reason I know about the last one is because my father is BFF with one and he was the one that hooked me up with them. I'm seriously thinking about going to get a spa facial at least once a month!