Thursday, July 25

I just wanna have fun!

I haven't completely decided on what kind of "makeup artist" I want to become. Although stage/performance/theatrical makeup is tons of fun to play with, at the end of the day I saw myself doing more bridal, boudoir, and daily looks.




Then I see pictures like this.

...and this.

...or this.

What I like about the first one is that the look really embodies the Navajo culture and that this artist wasn't afraid to experiment with colors in places other than the eyes. I like the second one because...well, feathers. And the top picture in the last one would be so out of the norm in the bridal/boudoir/daily makeup world. I think that's why all three of these pictures draw me in so much.

I'm officially giving myself a CHALLENGE. First of all, I need a girl who is willing to be my guinea pig. I am going to try to recreate each of these looks. It will help me think outside of my "makeup box". I'm curious to know if this is something I want to do or if it's just fascination with the art.

I would like some fresh faces so raise your hand or say I DO!! I guess I could always do this on my own face but that's not as fun.

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