Wednesday, July 24

Happy National Tequila Day

If anything besides holidays are marked on my calendar, it's this. In all its' glory, National Tequila Day is something I look forward to a) because it gives me an excuse to drink, and b) because I can make margaritas up the wazoo and I won't be considered an alcoholic--okay, maybe that does make me look like one just a little. Too bad it's in the smack-dab middle of the week, but what can you do? In honor of this day, I wanted to share a couple of my favorite drink recipes involving tequila.

But first, here are some interesting facts about tequila that you might not have known.

1. During the flu epidemic of 1918, physicians were telling patients to drink tequila to ail their sickness. It led to a huge tequila boom in Mexico.

2. The world record holder for the biggest margarita was in Orlando, FL at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. The glass held 5,861 gallons of blended liquors.
3. Jose Cuervo was a real person.

4. Scientists can turn tequila vapors into diamonds. Wowza!

5. The Smithsonian has the world's first frozen margarita machine.

And now to some recipes!!

(This is a recipe from Margaritaville's drink recipe site and it's a combination of liquor, but I had to share this one! It's tasty and will get you tipsy pretty quickly.)
1/2 oz Vodka
1/2 oz Silver Tequila
1/2 oz Rum
1/2 oz Triple Sec
1/4 Gin
1/4 Grenadine
1 oz Pineapple Juice
1 oz Cranberry Juice
1 1/2 oz Margaritavilla Margarita Mix

Combine all ingredients and shake, shake, shake. Pour in a margarita glass with ice or make it frozen.

(This is the easiest and probably my go-to drink with tequila--unless of course I'm shooting it instead.)
1 can frozen limeade concentrate (This concentrate can be any flavor you choose)
12-15 oz of tequila
Ice cubes

Blend all ingredients inside a blender until the ice is smooth. Pour in a margarita glass and enjoy!

This next one I haven't actually tried but by the name of it, I'm really curious to see how it tastes. Let's try this one together!!

(Courtesy of Michael Symon)
1/2 cup Fresh Lime Juice
1/2 cup White Tequila
1/4 cup Orange Liquor
1/4 cup Simple Syrup (optional)
4 thin Slices of Cucumber
1 Jalapeno, halved lengthwise

Mix all ingredients together in a large pitcher except for the ice. Chill for at least an hour. This act will bring more flavors of the cucumber and jalapeno out the longer it sits. Pour over ice and serve with salt if desired.

Since Hump-Day doesn't always call for margarita making, we can at least all raise our shot glasses and say...

Everyone drink responsibly, and


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