Tuesday, July 9

New subscriptions

I finally joined in with the rest of the world and signed on with a couple of beauty subscriptions. I had seen a couple of bloggers who had theirs but I wasn't convinced that I needed to pay money each month for companies to send me samples of their products. If I worked my magic, I could probably get it for free at their store counters.

Months pass by and in talking with a friend, we convinced each other that we should try it out. I first signed up with Ipsy.

I've read reviews stating that Ipsy was too immature and geared their advertising towards teens. But they give actual makeup totes instead of a box with all of their products inside. Some have also said that their makeup looks childish but not everyone has claimed that so I'm willing to give it a shot. Ipsy is $10 a month and you can customize your profile so they will know what sample products to send you each month.

If you go to their website, you will see that this was their December glam bag. They show each month's bag once the orders have been shipped so they don't ruin the surprise for anyone.

The other subscription I signed up for was Birchbox. This one might be a little more well known. It is also $10 a month and you can customize your profile just like Ipsy.

This subscription comes in a box but has better products according to some fashion/beauty bloggers. Both companies allow you to pick if you want more makeup, skin care, hair or wellness products. I love that I get to pick and choose according to my own preferences.

I'm really excited to get both of these in the mail. It's going to be like my birthday, or better yet, Christmas! Aside from trying all of the products, I'm even more excited to review them so I can let any readers know whether it's worth the monthly fee.

Let the countdown clock BEGIN!!


  1. Hey girl! You don't know me, but I actually work with your dad. He left his Facebook up at work the other day and your blog was shared on his newsfeed. Wasn't creeping, but I saw lipstick and had to plug it in my blog roll on my phone. Anyhow, just wanted to encourage you in your pursuit of being a makeup artist. I, too, absolutely love makeup, but I kind of put it aside when I had babies. I'm just now building my inventory and have enjoyed scrolling through your reviews in an effort to look like less of a frump! I would love to hear some reviews on skincare! I didn't know if you had heard of coastal scents? I have a couple of their eye shadow palettes and they're very fun. And also, on the subject of subscription boxes, have you heard of influenster? It's a site where you review products and get points and they actually send you products like makeup, skin care, nail care, etc. to review. You get more points the more active you are in social networking-- instagram, Facebook, blogging. Really neat. One of my friends got an entire line of Mary Kay to review. Anyhow, sorry for the ramble. Feel as if I know you through your dad. Love him and your mama!

    1. Hi Jami :-) You made me feel so encouraged! I really appreciate my dad leaving his Facebook page open letting you view my blog. It has to be fate. Haha. It's okay if you were creeping, I don't mind. I don't think I've looked into skin care but that would be smart if I want to pursue makeup. Are there any brands you've been wondering about? I have seen the Coastal Scents palettes on Amazon but I have so many eyeshadows now that I just haven't gotten around to purchasing it yet. I have the big ELF palette that they had over the holidays but I don't feel it's as pigmented as others. Maybe I should review and compare that in a future post! I haven't heart of Influenster but it sounds really cool! I try to network as much as possible so it sounds like it would be great. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'd love to hear from you again!

  2. Coastal Scents is very pigmented, and they often have amazing deals. I have an email address just for couponing, and I get stuff from them all the time. They often have palette sales where you can get them BOGO or 50%. They do not run out. I don't have a specific skin care regimen- it's bad-- I use a baby wipe and call it a day, but I'm getting into the age of wrinkles. Hahaha. I was just wondering what you did since we were close in age. I always like to hear what different people are using. It really helps me make decisions. ;) I am just trying to look better for my 30s than I did for my mid-late 20s! Haha!