Tuesday, July 23

Super Mario Meghan

I'm walking around the giant chain chomp trying to dodge its' bite. I feel like I'm watching a Super Mario Brothers' movie but I look down and everything around me is life-like. I am Mario and my friend, Kacey, is Luigi. Behind the chain chomp is a sack full of gold. And we need that gold to buy Japanese food for the princess that is locked up in a submarine. Bowser had moved away from castles and his new lairs were underwater. Oh joy. Kacey is trying to distract the chomp so I can sneak around and grab it before I get eaten. It's not that easy as if I were playing the game. Together we finally grab it and run away to this cliff with canons lined up next to the edge. There are instructions on a sign and we have to climb inside and shoot ourselves down below and into the water. The canons were the only thing to give us enough force to shoot us into the water and in the latch of Bowser's sub.

Up and then down we went! We held our breaths and swam as hard we could. We were just about to pass out when the water cleared from inside the loading station. Whew. We made it. Kacey was the one who realized that we didn't buy the Japanese food so he swam back out and caught some fish. He told me sushi would have to do. Back in the sub, there weren't any guards so we easily found Peach. We hesitantly walked to meet her because Bowser was no where to be found. We knew he was going to pop out and catch us at any time. The more baby steps we took toward Peach, we more clear we could see Bowser's shell and a pile of red hair sitting to the side of the fire pit. Peach's eyes started to glow red and she was licking her fingers. Kacey and I both looked at each other because we just realized that Peach had gone mad! She was nice enough to tell us that although Bowser's plan was to capture her and keep her underwater in the submarine, the river was contaminated. It turned her into a disease-stricken woman and she couldn't control herself any longer. She overtook Bowser while he was sleeping and had just finished eating him for dinner. Peach begins walking toward us while saying she was glad we made it in such short time. She began licking her fingers again and was humming the theme song to the Super Mario Brothers game. Kacey and I were cornered. We both closed our eyes, Peach lunged towards us and...

My alarm came on!!

Thank God this was just a dream. I didn't want to be eaten for dinner!!

I haven't seen, played, or even heard the theme music for Super Mario Brothers in over a year. So I have no idea how this dream even happened. It makes me wonder if maybe I did hear it passing by a store or in some background music on the radio and my subconscious pulled it out last night. Can I just take those magic pills that Bradley Cooper took in "Limitless" and remember it all? Then maybe I wouldn't feel so crazy.

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