"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it."

I wanted to start this by saying that every thing and every person is beautiful. So what if the world tells you that you can or can't do or be something. Who are they to define beauty?I am beginning a re-branding mission with this blog's new name and want to seek out beauty in all forms. I'll be motivating myself to look beyond the norm and hopefully find some exciting things. I want to finally branch out and start marketing my love--really, it's an obsession--of makeup. I think this will be just the kick in the ass that I'm needing.

With all of that being said, hiiiiiiiii, I'm Meghan! I wish I had some cool nickname to throw at you, but sadly I don't have one. Womp womp womp. I could give you some awesome drunk stories where names came out of that, but I won't. I work a boring ole' 9 to 5 job doing medical billing and coding. I've been married for roughly 3.5 years and together with my best friend, Jerry, for 7.5 years. I secretly wish he had a little "inner girlfriend" in him so that he could give me advice with my makeup and le blog, but he's your typical nerdy dude that works on computers.

I have started and stopped this whole blog thing more times than I can count on one hand, but I want to make it my other full-time job; make it my lifestyle, for real this time. I plan on writing about makeup tips and different ways of application, product reviews, favorites, tutorials, etc. I would love to know that I helped some reader's life in some way from a post they read. Maybe I'll be the person to give you the oomph to rock that neon lilac lipstick!!



For any types of business inquiries, general questions, or private comments, please email me at:


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  1. My guy could never help out with make-up opinions either he works on computers too!