Wednesday, May 14

Unapologetic says it all.

I've done it again. I can't say that I'm ashamed; my purse just gets heavier by the week. If you follow me on Instagram (@lipstickskulls, formerly @mrsmeghanlee) then you'd know I have an obsession with Revlon's Colorburst Lip Balms. The first two I bought were the matte shades--Sultry and Shameless--and I was immediately amazed at how creamy and full my lips looked with that matte formula. And over time I've picked up some of the Just Bitten Lip Balms that have a little more shine to them--Sweetheart Valentine, Rendezvous, and Darling Cherie.

Last night as I was picking up some things at the grocery store, I walked past the makeup aisle and it didn't take me one second to grab a new shade off the shelf. It might not be the best place for the best deal but I didn't care one bit.

I don't ever remember seeing this color in the past so it could be new. Well it's new to me now! Revlon Colorburst Matte Lip Balm in  Unapologetic has got to be one of the prettiest "coral" colors to wear this spring and summer. I bet it will complement any shade of skin with its' tone. It's not so neon as some other lipstick brands have come out with as their "summer collection" but still brings a pop of color that will brighten any day.

And surely I'm not a pristine eater and drinker but this stuff stays on for a long time. The only time I noticed it starting to wear thin was in my very inner lips and it was right after I was practically sucking the last bits of birthday cake icing from a fork at 3:30 in the afternoon.

The one thing I will mention is that although I'm in LOVE with this new lip crayon, you might shy away from it if you don't wear it that often. It's a bold statement and if you're not ready to own it, then it will own you.

So go out and own the world! Act like you know what you're doing, bright lipstick and all, and the world will treat you nicely. Okay, so maybe not the wisest of words, but I'm trying to get your confidence in the right place, dammit...Janet!

I wore Unapologetic with my scrubs to work today. BAM! (I just realized it looks more red here but I promise it's an amazing coral color! Just trust me!!)