Tuesday, August 19

I got rid of Ipsy but she kept coming back.

What can I say? I decided many months ago that beauty subscriptions weren't worth the money. Yes, the ones I had were only $10 a month but we wanted to save as much money as possible. There's nothing we were trying to save up to buy, but we just wanted to have that extra money just in case.

Then something started happening. The more we were trying to save, the more I had the "urge" to shop. I felt a little guilty buying clothes/shoes, so makeup did the trick. And then it just clicked. Why don't I sign up for Ipsy again? I'm spending more buying makeup on my own, so why not discover more brands like Ipsy was introducing to me and only have to pay $10? Tell me I'm not alone in this struggle.

So I signed up sometime the end of July so that I would be sure to get this month's beauty bag. FYI--if you're wanting to be sure to get a bag the month after you sign up, make sure you do it before the 1st and skip the wait list by following their instructions. Without further ado, here are my glam bag goodies.

Monday, August 18

REVIEW + a winner!!

I don't know what it is about Mary Kay products lately, but they've definitely been upping their game! I think part of the reason is because they've been featured on the new season of Project Runway as the product the makeup artists use to complete the designers' looks. Unfortunately for myself, we don't have that TV channel anymore so I have to watch episodes online. Regardless, now's your time to shine, Mary Kay. Don't disappoint!

I received product last week to review their newer emerald smoky eye collection. I know I haven't done much "marketing" for le blog, but I had a giveaway!! And before I get into details for more product I received recently, I wanted to announce that winner and their names are Lauren K. and Christy P! So if you're reading this post today, be looking out for an email so that I can get your info to send you this product. Congrats!!!

Today's post leads me to another review of Mary Kay product. Another one of Project Runway's first makeup looks from the premier night was about graphic blue cat eyes and playful pink lips. It's so much fun switching up your routine and rocking something like a blue eye liner. So when I had the chance to review more MK product, I jumped at the offer!

Monday, August 11

I keep forgetting the B in a B&A.

My little sister asked me to do her makeup over the weekend and I jumped at the chance--I need all the practice I can get if I want to do this in the long-run. I drove over, not knowing exactly what kind of look she wanted, with almost all of my makeup in tow. Side note: At least I know that I'm building some arm muscles with the weight of everything. Ha.

I walk upstairs to find Abigail curling her hair and she was wearing a white tank with these cute tan and teal high waisted, flowy shorts. I thought she was going out-out but said she was just going to play cards at a friend's house.

As I finished braiding her bangs back, she said she wanted to try a makeup look with some sort of color under her eyes. Easy peasy! Now I just need to figure out what color to pick.

Friday, August 8

Friday favorites, where have you been?

It's been forever since I last posted about Friday favorites. For-ev-er. I used to love linking up with different blogs and reading those that were already linked. People lead such interesting lives. And it's fun getting sucked in a little while reading about it. I just kind of stopped it all. Maybe it was me getting lazy; I'm not sure. So let's start 'er back up this morning and write about five things that are my favorites at the moment.

P.S. I say it every year and I'll say it again. I DO NOT envy those going back to school. Even though I finished with a Bachelor's degree many years ago, I often think, What if I went back to school to this or that? Never again, I tell you. Never! But good luck to those that have started this week!

Wednesday, August 6

I feel like Picasso with my new brushes.

I've finally decided that now was the time to purchase some new makeup brushes. I think I've had the ones I'm currently using for about three years now and I know that doesn't seem like that much time, but with daily makeup application, they can start to get yucky. Even with cleaning them, they don't always get back to their original condition.

Beauty gurus, Sam and Nic Chapman, helped design Real Technique brushes and they have been getting quite the good review. So I've joined in on the fun and made a purchase for myself!! And once you see the pricing that I'll list below, you'll first want to pick your jaw up from the floor, but then you can be like me and get some for yourself.

From left to right: Powder brush, Expert Face brush (I got it for free!), Blush brush, Setting brush, Shading brush, and the Starter set (includes a deluxe crease brush, a base shadow brush, accent brush, brow brush, and fine liner brush)

Tuesday, August 5

REVIEW: My first Makeup Geek purchase and I'm geekin' out!!

Hello again!

I've recently been following Samantha's IG from Batalash Beauty and through her list of makeup products have found the company, Makeup Geek (MUG). I began to do a little research because based on her reviews, the quality was that of MAC but half the price. I love MAC products, but c'mon, I can't be poppin' out $14 every time I want to try a new eye shadow.

At the moment, there are several colors of shadow out in their online store so I decided to try out four of their pan shadows, one loose pigment, and it's possible that I bought more of the NYX eye pencil in Milk. Shh, don't tell my husband.

From top right, counterclockwise: MUG Eye Shadow in Mercury, MUG Shimma Shimma, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, MUG Burlesque, MUG Moondust, MUG Loose Pigment in Sweet Dreams (in the middle of my hand by itself)

Monday, August 4

REVIEW: Mary Kay Smoky Emerald Project Runway look

Hi there, friends!!

I cannot get enough of the color green lately. All shades are getting to me, deep within my soul, that just makes me feel like a million bucks. My favorite is probably the mint green and emerald shades so I was stoked to receive the emerald Mary Kay Color Design Studio Collection from the premier of the new season of Project Runway. The designers will be finishing off all of their looks with these products so you can imagine that I'd want to jump the Gunn (haha) and review these puppies. Keep reading if you'd like to read my review!