Saturday, July 27

Way Late Play Date

Thursday was the Way Late Play Date at the Adventure Science Center in Nashville. They host this after-hours 21+ event every few months with a different theme so we decided to check it out.

In January, the theme was...

...and in May it was

The theme this month was Super Heroes/Villains...

We saw Captain America, Batman, Raven, Poison Ivy, Marty McFly, Harley Quinn, Ramona Flowers, and Storm to name a few. Tickets included admission to all of the floor exhibits, three drink ticket stubs (beer or wine), laser tag, and a planetarium show. And if you dressed up as your favorite characters, you could enter yourself into the costume contest.

Jerry, being the comic reader that he is, wanted to go and I thought it would be pretty cool myself. I've lived in Nashville for seven years now and have yet to go to the Science Center so this would be a fun opportunity without all those snotty brats running around. My family used to go to the Children's Museum in Jacksonville, FL every year when visiting family and it was similar to this place. I know I'm not ten anymore but given the adult drinks, the night was planning to be great!

I'm about to clog the rest of this post with pictures. There's your warning. 

Why can't my legs look this long in real life?!

Oh jeez. Squatty legs make the cellulite very noticeable. Gross.

We're being pulled apaaaarrrrt!!

Jerry tried to lever closest to the car...

...and Brant tried the lever farthest from the car. They both got it well off the ground but this lever was the easiest. One hand was all you needed.

This was always one of my favorite things in the kids' museums. Takes me back...

Brant the paleontologist.

The Magic School Bus!!

You are now looking up at a heart.

How cool would it be to have an entire room set up with lights like this? I wanted to steal them.

The exhibits included mazes, illusions, a space room, disability awareness, mind control, kinetics, how the body works, dinosaurs, etc. We spent about three hours there. The only thing I didn't like was the planetarium show. It was about natural disasters so there were three segments about volcanoes, earthquakes and tornadoes. I'm hoping at the next Play Date it will be different.

And speaking of the next Play Date, at the registration table, they gave us a flyer for the next one.

BLOOD THIRSTY THURSDAY!!!! It's set for October 24th from 7-10 pm. I'm really excited about this one. It's near Halloween so it won't be as strange dressing as a zombie or killer than it was dressing as a superhero this week.

If you live in the Nashville area or plan on visiting around this time in October, visit this page for more information.

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