Friday, July 26

High Five for FRIDAY


1. How cute is my nephew?! Zion has been drinking out of his "big boy" cup for a while now but he just learned to blow bubbles. And milk makes the BEST bubbles!

2. My mom always asks me to draw stuff for her music class. I can draw but I don't consider myself talented. None the less, she wanted these letters to signify that music is in everything. Math, langUage, hiStory, readIng, and sCience.

3. Who remembers The Miz?! He started his fame on The Real World, moved to MTV's other show The Challenge/Gauntlet... And now he's a WWE wrestler. Who would have thunk?

4. Yes I know I already posted about this makeup here, but I'm just too excited to let it slide. THIS is my next challenge to see if I want to branch outside of my box. Weeee!

5. Hands down, BEST SUSHI in Nashville. If you haven't been to Sam's next to Printer's Alley, do it. DO IT NOW!! This plate was 8 massive rolls for only three bucks and some change. Sam isn't your average sushi chef. Sit at a table when you walk in. He will call upon you when he's ready to take your order. He may not be "friendly" but don't let that sway your decision to stay. Trust me.

I'm linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for H54F!! I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing weekend!!!

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