Monday, July 8

Summer trends for every body type

As much as I would like to admit that I don't have any body issues, I can't because, well, I do. I think we all do. In the fashion world, I would be considered plus-sized. But in over-weight-America, I'm average. I'm 5'10" and I'm not telling you my weight, but...a size 12ish, depending on the label. I often get frustrated because a lot of the trendy summer clothes don't look "right" on me. But does that mean I have to sacrifice my look just because of my size? Not at all.

No matter what body type you have, big/small or apple/pear, I think we all should celebrate that size and dress according to what makes us all look fabulous! And if you don't know what body shape you have, here are a couple of pictures that you can compare with yourself.

These are the most common body types but there are also a few other descriptions.

There are a few summer trends this year that I would like to address according to your shape. And if there are any that you have been scared to try, I would suggest stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying at least one of them. You might be pleasantly surprised!

These are the quintessential dresses for Summer. Every female should own one several.

APPLE This might sound strange, but I would suggest finding a maxi with and eye-catching print. I know you might think that it will only draw attention to your heavy upper half, but it does just the opposite. A busy print confuses the eye making your tummy seem non-existent.

PEAR Wearing a maxi that shows a lot of shoulder or a plunging neckline along with an empire waist will draw attention up and away from your bootylicious bottom.

RECTANGLE Finding a maxi with a drawstring that sits at your natural waist line will create the illusion of curves. Or if there's no drawstring, a belt would be super cute too.

(source unknown, comment below if known)

HOURGLASS Hourglass figures are typically a little fuller all around. They have bootylicious bottoms and bigger breasts making them the envy of all women. A cinched waist looks great on your figure too! But be careful with the flare of the skirt. You might need to find something that flares out.

Leather might sound contradictory but it really can give you that luxe feel and look that you might be going for. As long as you're not wearing it from head to toe--hello heat stroke--anyone can pull off this look. It stormed the runways and it can storm your closets!

Apple body types are always trying to hide their tummy and this simple accessory will do the trick. I'm sure you have seen these. A peter pan collar on a flowy top would fit to your body type and still make you look flawless.

A simple idea for leather with pear shapes is to find a top with leather sleeves. It draws the eye up while still giving you that luxe look even if it is just a little.

This leather peplum top will give you curves for miles. If you're searching for something to amp up your straight body type, this is something to hunt for at the stores.

We don't want our voluptuous girls to feel even bigger trying to pull off this trend. So I recommend adding a leather accessory to your outfit. This belt below is perfect because it still accentuates your curvy figure. Embrace those curves!

Did you really think I was going to talk about overalls? It's, no doubt, one of Summer's hottest trends right now but I'm not even going there. Just. No. Mixing prints is more of a daring move that we can all pull off with our wardrobes. You might not think you can but here are a few ways to do so.

This dress is a win-win. It's an empire waist, drawing attention away from your tummy, and it has a plunging neckline.

Floral and stripes and the most common mixed prints. If you are pear shaped, wearing a skirt like the one below that flares, can diminish the "pear" and accentuate other features.

Finding mixed prints that can break up the boxy body type is something to look for. Wearing something like Solange does below meets that perfectly. Play with this trend.

Not to sound like a broken record, but find some sort of mixed print to accentuate your itty bitty waist. This outfit below is the perfect example.

See? No matter what body shape you have, there are more Summer trends that you can pull off than you think. Go ahead! I'd like to see which of these you tried!!

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