Thursday, July 4



I'm not sure how the weather is in the rest of the country but the Southeast is getting pounded with rain. It's not the ideal weather on a day where fireworks are supposed to be displayed. Cry, cry, sob, sob. 

The rest of you must have a spectacular day planned and I want to hear about it!! 

As a kid, I remember shooting off fireworks in the neighborhood getting shot at instead of watching them explode with colors above me. We'd be next door sitting in chairs in the front yard with roman candles being shot off. I have a scar on my finger where one didn't quite make it in the air and shot off side my direction. My chair flipped backwards but luckily it only hit my hand. And only one tiny scar resulted from it. Go me! 

There was another time where I was the one shooting the roman candles. I didn't realize that you had to hold them in a certain area, otherwise you'd get burned. I learned my lesson. I have another tiny scar on my other hand due to that. It burned for hours. Not even running water over it would help. Maybe that's the reason I'm so petrified of getting burned these days?!

4th of July is also a time to get HAMMERED!! Whether you're making beer snow cones, grilling BBQ, or enjoying your day out on the lake, enjoy it responsibly!


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