Friday, July 5

High Five for FRIDAY


1. I took a few pictures of my "Rocker Trash" look. Man, I love makeup. 

2. I apologize if some of my #ootd posts seem narcissistic. I just get so excited about new clothes, especially when they're on clearance at Charming Charlie's, that I want the whole world to know! Serves me right. Zion is behind me on the train tracks. He probably got ran over that night. Baha. #imnotright

3. Today feels like a weekend so I made Jerbear eggs and muffins for breakfast. And nothing made it more complete than some patriotic toothpicks. 'Merica.

4. I don't know what it is about our bowl sink, but Sophie sits in there for hours on end.

5. Zion just learned that the Nerf darts can stick to your head. He thought it was the funniest thing EVER. I'm not sure if that was funnier or a video of him saying shirdles instead of shoulders, and Despicadle Me instead of Despicable me.

I'm linking up with Lauren Elizabeth and HF4F. I'm glad we were off work yesterday. Most are still off work today. Not I. Enjoy your weekends!!


  1. I love Charming Charlies! That dress is adorable!

    1. Thanks Suzy!! I don't really shop for dresses at Charming Charlie's so I'm always pleasantly surprised when I do find something I like. It's a maxi dress and I've been obsessed with maxis lately!