Tuesday, April 22

Liebster Award, say what?!

Hello, stranger. My, how I've missed you! I've been doing my own thing for several weeks now and I haven't entirely hated it. Maybe I should be a little more caring with le blog but I think she can survive on her own two feet every now and then.

Rather than giving even more excuses of my absence because you don't really want to hear it I have some exciting news! I've been nominated for a Liebster Award!! Don't know what that is? Yeah, I didn't either at first. They are awards given out to "newbie" blogs by fellow bloggers. In a nutshell, it's a chance for someone like me to have a teeny tiny moment of glory and for me to explore new bloggers and what they're all about. I'm giving a HUGE shoutout to Shauna over at Freckles and Curse Words for nominating me. It makes me feel good when other cyber-friends recognize me :-)

So here are the official rules:

one | Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their page and/or blog.
two | Display the award on your blog by including it on the post or adding the widget/gadget to your page.
three | Answer eleven questions about yourself which will be provided below from the nominator.
four | Provide eleven random facts about your cool self.
five | Nominate five to eleven blogs that you feel deserve this blog award.
six | Create a new list of questions for that blogger to answer.
seven | List these rules in your post.
eight | Finally, inform the people you've nominated them for the award by providing a link to your page about how this thing works.

**Eleven questions Shauna wants to know about ME:**

1) What made you decide to start a blog?

At first I wanted to chronicle my adventures as a newlywed. Being as I'm usually only funny when I'm a bitch, I decided to switch it up a little and do something more of the everyday me, more girly. It's now more beauty related and I wouldn't have it any other way.

2) Your dream vacation would be...

This is hard to answer. I've lived through several of my dream vacations, but in the future I'd love to go to Asia. Anywhere in that continent, really. Russia, China, India, and everywhere in between.

3) Your go-to comfort food?

I'm letting my inner five-year-old answer this one and say good ole mac and cheese.

4) Your favorite style era?

I don't really think I have a favorite. Dressing up is always fun no matter the era.

5) Song you could listen to 500,354,245 times in a row?

I'm a little obsessed with anything Lorde and Miley right now. Opposites attract, right?

6) Wine, beer, or liquor?

I'm a liquor girl. Wine and beer are both nasty.

7) What is the one book you could read over again?

I don't know, I don't know, I don't know. Pass? I've never re-read a book before besides the Bible so I can't really answer this question.

8) Is there a goal you're working on right now? What is it?

Right now I'm just trying to get healthy. That includes cutting back on sweets and bread as well as regularly going to the gym. And if I lose a few pounds along the way, I'm cool with that ;)

9) If someone gave you a butt-load of cash to go back to school, would you go? What for?

I don't think I would EVER EVER go back to school. If you were to give me one quadrillion dollars in the next five minutes, I still wouldn't do it. If it were possible to have a witch wiggle her nose and tell me that schooling was done in one day, then I might reconsider. And if that were true, I'd think about learning more about astronomy.

10) Are you for or against plastic surgery?

I'm all for it as long as you don't go overboard. Nobody needs to see your triple Z boobs.

11) What TV show are you into right now?

I'm totally loving American Horror Story at the moment. Mmm, Evan Peters.

**Eleven Random Facts About ME:**

1) I sing when I'm hyper. They aren't songs, my words just turn into melodies.
2) I love interior design.
3) I've never had a dog.
4) I have eight tattoos.
5) My YOLO tattoo was done before Drake's song was written. True story.
6) I had a root canal years before I even turned 25. Hello, sweet tooth!
7) We can't have kids. Moving along....
8) I'm afraid of death, well, of being alone.
9) I'm a very affectionate drunk.
10) I try to be open-minded about everything.
11) My most favorite foods (in order of importance) are breakfast, sushi, and mexican.

Here are the Nominees......
If you've already been nominated, no worries, just let me know in the comments below.

The Ginger Next Door

Stilettoed to Steeltoed

Wilde in the City

On the Road Again

The Thrifty Firecracker

And here are YOUR eleven questions:

1) How did you name your blog?

2) What is your worst habit? Be honest.

3) What is your guilty pleasure?

4) Are a lot of friends or just a few besties more important?

5) If you won the lottery tonight, what would be the first three things you'd spend it on?

6) What food could you eat your weight in if you never gained a pound?

7) Lake or beach?

8) City life or country life?

9) Are there any battles you've had to overcome?

10) Any hobbies?

11) Would you rather have the most beautiful hair and the worst looking face or the most beautiful face and the worst looking hair?

Thank you so much, Shauna, for the nomination!!! It really meant a lot! xoxo