Thursday, August 1

Try on a little neon.

Neon. My favorite color to wear or even just to look at during the Summer. It brightens my moods, makes me look tan and goes with every color. No joke. Just try me.

Purple? Check.
Green? Check.
Brown? Check.

The easiest way to bring some neon into your life would be on your nails. Paint them on solid--

(source unknown; comment below if known)

--or draw a fun design.

This neon peach is my favorite Summer polish in my collection. It's from Charming Charlie's of all places. And I believe it's called Euch a Peach and it's definitely a neon-peach if there is such a thing. (I can't find it anywhere online...)

I made this one XL so you could see my nails--not so much the sign. But while we're here, how cute is this canvas?! One of my bestie's got this for me for Christmas. I've got it propped on my bedside table.

Shoes can be another way to bring some neon into your life. If you noticed, accessories are a great place to start if you are unsure of how to wear the color. I got the shoes below at Old Navy in May. I wasn't even shopping for shoes but they were on sale so I HAD to buy them. Sale = Automatic Purchase. Sorry, hubby.

You could try neon with a necklace...

...or even with lipstick!

With Summer almost over, you've only got like a month or so to continue wearing bright colors. Because we all know that Fall is full of gray-taupe everything, pumpkin spice lattes, and FOOTBALL. Get yourself another shade darker of tan while you can and wear some neon!! 

It can light up your life!!! :-)

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