Tuesday, August 6

Lucky Number 13

Yesterday was Jerbear's sister's birthday. Jessica is 13 years old and holy moly has she grown up the last year or so. I met her when she was six and a half years old and she was teeeen-iny. Now, six years later, she's my height (5'10") and I'm sure she'll still get a few growth spurts before she hits eighteen. It makes me wonder where she gets it because both of her parents are that height at their tallest. But then again, her uncles are tall so I'm sure that gene is swimming around her somewhere.

We went to O'Charley's for dinner Sunday night with her dad and his family and he made this awesome 1-3 cake. We didn't go over afterwards--more on that later--but I still wanted to eat the cake. I wish I had a picture! I saw it on his phone and it was pretty sweet.

And last night, unfortunately, we spent the night in the ER--everyone is okay, just not the story for now. She was wanting a makeup bag like mine so we got her that as a present. Have you seen that little kiosk near the food court in Cool Springs Galleria that sells the Belvah bags? There are cosmetic bags, duffles, totes, and tons more. Jessica's favorite colors are lime green and teal so this was the bag we chose.

I wanted to give her a shout out today even though it's the day after. Birthdays should be celebrated by the month, if not, at least one full week. That's what Jerbear has taught me anyway.


And to make this post just a tad-bit longer, here are some interesting facts about the number 13. You probably know about these, but some of you might not!

1. If Jessica were a boy, this would be the day that she officially becomes a man!
2. Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number 13.
3. The American flag has 13 stripes to signify its' first 13 colonies.
4. A hangman's noose usually has 13 knots.
5. If Jessica were Italian, 13 is literally their luckiest number.

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  1. Love it!! Thanks Meghan you're the best!! You made Jessica's day again...just finished reading the blog to her. She loves the bag you & Jerbear got her. Today she finally got a good look at it and loves all the compartments, but I have to say her favorite part of her present was the card you both gave her. She kept talking about it on the way home & read it several times. When we got home last night she had me read it to her. It proves how important it is to tell those we love how much they mean to us. So thank you, that simple act that costs us nothing blesses those around us in ways we can never imagine. By the way.. we have the 3 to the cake & you can eat it when y'all come over!! Love ya!!