Saturday, August 3

Avon Mega Effects Mascara

So I don't know if you've noticed, but this new mascara has hit the shelf this week. What mascara you might ask?

Avon Mega Effects Mascara is the newest makeup product and I hate myself just a little for not reviewing this until now. I've had the stuff in my makeup bag for about four weeks and keep forgetting to share my thoughts.


It's smaller than it looks. If I can compare it to something, the bottle is as wide as a blow pop, as tall as a sour gummy worm and the wand is as wide as my thumb. Can you tell there's candy sitting beside me?

It looks just like a paintbrush. A very tiny paintbrush. The downside with this is that because the bristles are straight across, I'm sometimes left with these clumsy marks. I wish it were more curved.

Lovely. Just lovely.

The bristles are plentiful. This is probably my favorite feature. It coats every single lash with one swoop. It gets my lashes black without having to apply a second coat. But I can still apply that second coat if I wanted to, unlike Benefit They're Real Mascara that clumps very easily with two coats.


I still hate the straight-across make of this mascara. Although I've gotten better at the clumsy marks, it never fails that I get them at least once a week forcing myself to re-do that eyeshadow.

I'm still pretty hooked on Benefit They're Real Mascara (for other reasons) but when I need to buy more of my loyal drugstore brand mascara, this Avon mascara is what I'll be purchasing. The formula is THAT good.

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