Sunday, August 18

30 x 30 Challenge

A 30 x 30 Challenge is where I pull thirty pieces from my wardrobe that includes shoes, jewelry, clothing, and any other accessories and make thirty different outfits enough for--you guessed it--thirty days. I try to stick to my fifty dollar shopping budget each month but I can be known for blowing that on makeup or shoes alone. So I decided to dig deep in my over-stuffed closet and carefully decide what items to use for this dare.

If this challenge proves worthy, I'll also plan to do it for cold weather. And I'll be able to down-size my closet and concentrate just on the pieces that I will have learned to mix and match rather than buying new items every season.

I procrastinated a little with this project because it was taking me a bit to pull the piece from my closet. So even though it's the end of August and Summer is drawing to a close, it's still the hottest month in middle Tennessee. From here on out: Warm weather 30 x 30 Challenge will be in August. Cold weather 30 x 30 Challenge will be in, say, February. Sound fair? Let's get started!!

Like I said, it took me forever to decide on which pieces to choose, but I finally have it narrowed down to thirty. These are the chosen ones.

5 BOTTOMS--3 skirts, 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair of jeans








I'll begin this picture journey tomorrow morning. I am really excited, as I'm sure you are too, to see what outfits can be made from this challenge.

If you have a shopping budget or simply have closets stuffed full of clothes that you don't wear, I encourage you to participate in your own 30 x 30 Challenge!!

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