Tuesday, August 20

August IPSY bag

My Ipsy bag finally arrived!! It ended up in a batch of shipments that went to a DHL facility--not in the normal route--and just sat there for days. Seriously, Ipsy?! Wanna get on my bad side? Do this every month. I was able to view my Glam Room on their site in the mean time and it showed me what I was to expect. It told me I would be getting samples of Urban Decay Lipstick, Smashbox foundation primer, some exfoliation cleanser, mascara, and bronzer. I opened the bag tonight and only got three of the things they showed. I'm still super pumped though.

The theme this month was "Glamour Academy" and was based around products you needed for going back to school.

      Right away I want to smell this product. I'm always curious of facial product fragrances because one wrong scent can turn you away for good. This sample doesn't mention whether it has a scent or not but it definitely smells unscented. I've also heard a lot about jojoba beads lately. They supposedly are gentle enough for any skin type and removes any toxins and dead skin cells. Other than the lipstick because I'm saving the best for last I'm most anxious to try this.

      This is another product that I just have to smell. If you remember from last month, the CC cream I received smelled like celery but then gradually got sweeter. This BB cream smells more like makeup annnd it's not got that annoying "glow" to the color so I can actually wear this stuff as foundation. There is shade matching technology so as long as you're white of some sorts, it will match to you. Or so they say. It's very smooth and more liquid than creamy which is what I want for something light. Now that I've rubbed it on my skin, I might bump this up my list of most wanted things to try first.

      First and foremost, I LOVE that you can find this blush in stores like Target. I have never used cream blush before and I'm not so sure that I would have bought this on my own. I feel like cream blush makes me look oily or something. But I know they can have great effects on your skin. I'll still give it a try.

      I love love love trying the latest mascara to see what makes my lashes look fuller and longer. Pixi claims that this mascara will boost your lashes giving them that "push-up" effect lasting all day. The mascara wand is skinny and I'm using to thicker brushes so I'll have to get used to that if I decide to stick with this product.

      Yayyyyy!! I am in love with ALL Urban Decay products. But, me + lipstick = true love forever. In the words of Urban Decay, this lipstick is "creamy and badass" and I completely agree. This color is luxurious in all the right ways but unfortunately it is a little pricey. If money isn't an issue, then BUY THIS PRODUCT. But if you are more budget-friendly like myself, Maybelline has several great lip products. 

Annnd we're done. My Ipsy has gotten better each month (unlike Birchbox cough cough) so I'll definitely be sticking with it for a while.

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