Sunday, August 25

Dexter and Ambellina the Bear

I shoulda learned by now. Sugar + late night = one crazy set of dreams. And by "set" I mean that I'll usually wake up several times during the night because of the sugar or caffeine running through my veins and then the second I fall back asleep, I have an entirely different dream, or two.

Case in point.

We went to bed last night around 10 pm. I know, I know. Just call me Grammy 'cuz I'm living wild on the weekend! We've become so hooked on this radio show called "Echoes" with John Diliberto and it's part of our nightly routine. Side note--look up this show because it's that good. I'm not even kidding. I don't remember a thing from the show but I do remember my dream.

Dexter--yes, THAT Dexter--and I were walking to our friend's gala opening at a museum downtown. We were all dressed up and ready to have fun. It was supposed to be the greatest social event to hit the art world that season! I don't know if it was my inner narcissist or what but I didn't even notice that Dexter was wearing his "kill outfit" until we were walking in the building. I was horrified. I immediately grabbed his hand and pulled him down the hallway towards the restrooms and coat check. He looked at me like I was stupid and asked if I remembered why were attending tonight. I shook my head because I apparently forgot to take my ginkgo bilboa that morning. Go me. He rushes me through his plan one more time but I still didn't remember. I was able to grab a sports coat on the way back from the coat check so it would at least cover his henley shirt but Dexter throws it on the floor and picks up his walking pace towards the refreshment table. I lost grip of his hand so I took my time marveling at all of the decorations. It was like we were at the middle school dance. Streamers, balloons, punch bowls, and all the girls were wearing these hideous poufy-sleeved dresses. Confusion, that's all that's going through my head right now. I push it aside because I needed to see where Dexter fled to. I make my way through the heavily cologne-doused men and find him crouched in the corner next to the DJ booth. I speak his name and he looks up at me with this devilish look in his eyes. He squirms just a little and slides down this hole through the wall and into the ground. I wasn't planning on following him but I was bumped by one of the dancing guests and down I went! I landed in this lab-looking room and Dexter is now standing over this table. I walk up beside him and see that there is a person lying on the table. Dexter isn't about to stab him like he does on the TV show but instead, he is coloring on their body with a magic marker and making planet and star shapes. This time, when Dexter pulls up his head to grab another color, I realize it's not him any longer. It's me. I'm looking at me. And Dexter stabs me, the me that has been in this story all along. As I fall to my knees, he stabs me again. And as I start to fade away, I hear him talking to the me I just found. "As she dies, you must live. We all are reborn and you must make wiser decisions. We all must do this. Let me grab the others!" I see Dexter running off as everything turns to black.

Waking up from this dream during the night was a little strange. For one, most of my dreams end in me being chased or me falling and suddenly being awaken. I don't recall ever dying in a dream either. So I have no clue what meaning could be behind all of this. While I was awake, I went to the restroom, then came back and fell asleep for the remainder of the night. This second dream was much shorter.

I was being chased by my bear, Ambellina. She was mad that I no longer slept with her. (In real life, I slept with her when I was still living at home and needed to feel the love when I was away from Jerry.) The angrier she got, the taller she became. At this point, she was taller than the light posts and had learned how to run fast without her fluffy legs slowing her down. I tried to reason with her but it didn't work. As I was hiding from her one day, I came upon this man in an alley. We introduced ourselves, he somehow knew what was going on, and advised that I sneak up behind Ambellina and dismember her. The man wouldn't tell me how but said I would figure it out. I built the courage and a couple of days later I stalked her so I could do what I was asked. She was standing near a fountain in Central Park and I snuck up behind her with hedge trimmers in hand. She turned around when she heard the sound of the metal clippers opening up their jaws, grabbed them swiftly from my hands, and turned them on me. I didn't know what to do, but I was petrified. I considered drowning myself in the fountain but I was too much of a coward for that. All I could do was freeze in place. As Ambellina was starting to swing the clippers towards my stomach, I woke up.

Thank you sweet baby Jesus!! I was so relieved to know it was just a dream. It's funny how when crazy things happen, I don't question its' integrity, I just go along with it.

I just thought I'd share these two dreams with you. It's fun writing them down and looking back at the stories in the future. I once kept a dream journal but doing so online is much more efficient.

Well, toodle-oo!!

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