Monday, August 12

Smoking Tools

Achieving the smokey eye look is something every girl dreams of doing. It's not our only dream--just when it comes to makeup! We have perspired through all of the learning and tweaking to our face shapes, but not all of us have accomplished it. Several brands come out with the next new tool to make this application that much easier. Smudging sponges are what you would see on the shelves most often, but several brands are starting to make chubby eye pencils to help create this smokey look.

Almay creates the look with complimentary eye shadows. I have several favorites with these.

Maybelline creates the look with thick eyeliners and smudging sponges. My favorite was Blue Blaze.

And Covergirl has marketed these products with a chubby stick. My favorite was Turquoise Ember.

I have tried the normal eye liner pencils with smudging sponges on the other end and they work pretty well. But these listed above are a little bit different and I wanted to try them all. I'm sure Jerry loves that I'm buying more makeup. It's for the blog, honey! 

Over the weekend I decided to buy two of these products and compare them as closely as possible. I wanted to find out which one is more bang for your buck. Any early predictions?

1 | The first one I tried was the Maybelline Master Smoky Long-wearing Shadow Pencil. There were six different color options including black, brown, gray, teal, navy, and purple. **Eyes move back and forth, back and forth. Which one do I chose?!** I ruled them out according to what shadows I already have and could achieve this look alone. Black? Too easy. Brown? I have the shadows. Gray? Again, too easy. Teal? I'm going to hold on to this one. Navy? I'll snag this one too! Purple? I already have purple liners so this one can stay too. After seeing my pictures above, I'm sure you can guess that I bought the navy in this product and the teal/gold in the Covergirl product--more on this one in a sec.

The thing I absolutely loved about this--aside from the rich navy color--was the sponge applicator. It was as thick as the pencil so I was able to smudge over more eyelid-ground. Multi-use products like this one makes me happy. I can smudge it for a smoky look, I can draw it on like normal eyeliner and even give a little cat eye on the outer edges of my eyes.

2 | The second product I bought was the Covergirl Smoky ShadowBlast. There are many colors but they come in duos. I didn't want to pick the combo of peach and lime green nor did I want something like gray or black. And because I put back the teal Maybelline stick, I knew the combo above of teal/gold would be perfect!

This one was a little more tricky to apply. The directions said to apply the rounded side to your lids and then apply the pointed side to the crease and to line your eyes. If you haven't mastered this smoky look yet, I wouldn't recommend this product only because smudging can become difficult. When I applied like the directions asked, I could do it. But to smudge the colors, I had to keep applying more of the stick. The gold and teal did pair well together so maybe I'm rushing to judgement with that peach and lime green that they have. Maybe it's some newfound color combo!

Anywho, when I compare the two...



And that's my review!! What did you think? Do you agree or disagree? Do you have any other smoky eye products that you would suggest? 

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