Sunday, August 11

Tanning Lotion and CC Cream

I got the email yesterday that the August Birchbox had been shipped and it should be arriving early next week. I didn't know this because it will only be my second box but they have a theme each month. July's picks were based on the USA show "Suits". I saw through their Facebook page that this month's picks are based on Ann Taylor and "finishing school". They also revealed a few sneak peaks on the picks but the boxes are not all the same so I'm not sure what I'll be getting.

I figured since I hadn't done a real review on any of July's products, I wanted to do one now. Actually, I'm going to review two so fasten your seat belts and away we go!

juice beauty stem cellular repair cc cream
I was going to a birthday party today for Jerbear's sister and I didn't feel like putting on a full face of makeup especially since she had planned outside games. This was going to be the perfect day to test out this CC cream. I tried it on my neck last month and thought I was going to love this product. Buuut, after wearing it on my whole face, I don't really like it.

First things first, it smells AWFUL. The only thing I can compare it to is celery. And who wants to smell like celery? Not me. I will say that after having it on for less than 30 minutes, the smell started to sweeten. I don't know if it's because there are grape derivatives as part of the ingredients or what, but it grew on me.

The second thing is that it wasn't really the color I would choose. This sample was called "warm glow" and I looked quite glow-ey but because my skin is already yellow-toned, adding more of this golden cream to my face made me look strange. The tanned color was good just not the tone. I feel like I'm not making any sense.

And the last thing is that it doesn't cover how I would like it to cover. Yes, it's not a full foundation, but if I'm going to be wearing it on my running-errand-days, then I would like it to cover a little better. I think I've mentioned this before but my face is being stubborn at the moment and this cream doesn't hide the redness.

All in all, I love that it's organic but I think I would try a different one or just stick with foundation. If you already have blemish-free skin, then this product might be your jackpot!

Size: 1.7oz. | Price: $39.00

body drench quicktan gradual self tanning lotion
Back to that birthday's getting to be the end of Summer and I haven't had a sunburn or tan in a month or so. And knowing that I was going to be around some tanned teenagers, I knew I wanted to try out this tanning lotion. So I washed and exfoliated as directed.

First things first, this lotion was not nearly as pungent as most tanning lotions that I've smelled. Yay!! I hate it when tanning lotions smell nasty and linger for days.

The second thing is that the sample I received was two packets and one packet covered my entire body. I'm not kidding. I started out with my legs and feet since I wasn't sure how far it would spread. Then I applied it to my arms and neck. When I still had some left, I applied it to my lower back and stomach. And when I still had some left, I asked Jerry to apply it to the top of my back. He used the rest of it then but I was very pleasantly surprised that it covered all of me.

And the last thing is something that I don't like, unfortunately. It's tacky. The directions tell you to apply it and wait until it dries before you put on your clothes. I guess so that it does not rub off? I get that but I waited close to 20 minutes before I had to put on my shirt. We were running late so I just had to do it. We stopped at a store on the way there and it was still tacky but just on my back. Everything else was fine. So maybe I'll just wait to apply it on the next day when I'm not pressed for time.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this tanning lotion to anyone.

Size: 8oz. Price: $11.88 on Amazon

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