Friday, August 2


I decided to change it up just a little today and list my current five favorite items/products/places instead of five highlights throughout the week. I did go to some pretty exciting adventures this week and over last weekend but I think I'm more excited about these things so that is why I wanted to talk about them.

Let me just start with this one. Have you heard that Nashville has this walking trail that has been listed on the top ten walking trails in America? The travel guide listed Radnor Lake State Natural Area as the best in this area. My personal favorite is the Stones River Greenway. You can find a list of all Nashville's greenways and trails here.

I was on the hunt for some good smoking tools. No, I'm not talking about smoking some meat on the grill. I'm talking about tools to help you achieve the perfect smokey eye. I was reading through my random new subscription to Lucky magazine and one of the ads was for Maybelline Master Smokey Longwearing Shadow-Pencil. It's not the first of its' kind but it is different than the rest at the same time. It's thicker than a normal pencil but smaller than the crayon-looking sticks and it has a smudging sponge on the other end. I will probably be writing about this over the weekend but I love this product. 

My new favorite place to eat is The Wild Cow in East Nashville. It's a vegetarian restaurant but they can also substitute many items to make your dish vegan. If you remember from this post, my husband and I have been trying to slowly make our way to the vegetarian world. The Wild Cow has burgers, tacos, chips and queso...all the things you already love without having to think about a poor animal being slaughtered. They even have cute pictures of cows up on their walls--my favorite decor ever. Veggie substitutes (tofu, tempeh, etc.) taste just like meat so if you've got a place like this in your city, I strongly encourage you to try it out!

I went shopping a couple of weeks ago and bought some things at H&M. All I'm going to say about number four is that if you've ever shopped at this store, you know how exciting it is for the company to finally launch only shopping for the US!! #shoppingaddictsunite

And last but not least, my other favorite beauty product for the day...Benefit Facial Emulsion. I talked about it in my Birchbox review and I have been using it for the last few weeks just to see how my skin would react over a period of time. My skin can be sensitive to certain products so I wasn't sure how it would handle it. But this stuff is glorious. It is a heavier moisturizer than the Neutrogena stuff that I use but it doesn't make my face look thick or cakey underneath my makeup. Best of all? My skin acted like nothing had changed.

I'm linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for H54F!! 

I almost forgot!! It's TAX FREE WEEKEND!! Do a little shopping and enjoy your weekends!


  1. H&M is an awesome store. That's great Nashville has some great greenways. I ditch the gym for the Greenway any time I can. I saw you on the link up :)

    1. I love love love H&M. It makes me happy you saw my link. I wonder sometimes with all those links on her list. I'll definitely check out your blog!!