Friday, August 16

high FIVE for friday

1. Jerry's sister had "pin the mustache" on her face for her birthday party last weekend. We tried keeping the staches on the picture but the boys were just being silly with them so they kept falling. That's why she marked everyone's initials.

2. My dad found this recipe on Facebook and when Jerry and I went over for dinner recently, he made it for dessert. Introducing chocolate chip cheesecake. It's got cookie on the bottom, cheesecake in the middle, and more chocolate chip cookie on top. #fatties

3. If you remember seeing my reveal, my Birchbox arrived in the mail today!! I'm still a little annoyed that Ipsy isn't here. But nonetheless, YAY Birchbox!

4. I can't go a week without pictures of my kitties. Sophie can't stand to sleep on me but the second she's on or even near Jerry, she conks out in some of the weirdest positions. #cutenessoverload

5. I've been feeling pretty hopeless the past week or so because of some personal things. It's sayings like this that I have to keep plastered everywhere to remind myself that hope still exists. Seriously, I've got them on my phone, my computers (home AND work), in picture frames..... #notquiteoutforthecount

I'm linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for H54F. 

I truly wish that everyone has a blast over the weekend!! Thank God it's Friday.....and soon to be Saturday and Sunday!!!

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  1. Hey girl! Catching up to your blog again. :) I love that you update so often. When I get around to some personal computer time, I have so much to read. Funny enough, I was on your dad's facebook page trying to find where he shared the recipe that you just posted-- he was telling me about it yesterday. Looks so good. #fattymcbutterpantsandunashamed. I saw the button to your blog and decided to forgo my search and see what you had been up to instead of searching for that recipe since he shares so many. Two birds, one stone! One day I'll meet you in person and make you give me a makeover. Love your posts!