Friday, August 23

high five for friday

I've been pretty behind with writing this week. My bad. Only not really. I've just been in a somber mood. I need something to perk me up. So I'll figure that out eventually.

But on to today's post:

The girls went out for Rachel's birthday last weekend and it was tons of fun! We did dinner, the Double Decker BYOB Nashville ghost tour, and some bar hopping downtown. Ghosts + liquor = one hell of a great night. Just trust me. I don't go downtown all that often. Too many tourists. I just took this picture because I loved the western style of it. Couldn't tell ya what bar it was from though...

Sorry for the boobage.

First time at the dermatologist and she shaves some mole-ish spots off of me. One on my big toe--let me just point out that it's a weird sensation getting an injection in your toe--and two on my stomach. One of the spots from my stomach sits right under my left boob and my bra rubs on it. Ouch. I got fed up this week and decided to get a little creative. I had this 1x3 inch block with an L on it that I kept at my desk. I decided to stick it between my sternum and the middle of my bra and voila! it gave me just enough room to get the bra away from that spot so it doesn't rub it funny. I was scared the pressure wouldn't allow it to heal correctly. So now the question is would I rather have a sore shaved spot or a bruised sternum from a wooden block?!

While I was waiting for the dermatologist, I found this segment from Seventeen magazine about "Curvy Girl Secrets". I love that a lot of fashion magazines are offering this for readers now. It should have happened long before showing as how good 'ole USA is obese. Anywho, I made mental notes for future outfit picks.

We went to the Wilson County Fair Wednesday night--first time in five years or so--and the ferris wheel was like magic; magic full of pure hallucinated joy. I wasn't actually hallucinating, but I felt like I jumped through a wormhole into another timeline back when Noah and Ali loved each other.

My favorite part of the fair?? We got our FIRST caricature drawn! And how cute are we? He told us he was the "kind caricaturist" so his drawings aren't so outrageous and overly played out with features. He asked what our hobbies were so Jerry chose video games and I chose makeup artistry. If you want to find the artist, his name is Quilly and you can find his Facebook here.

I'm linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for H54F. Enjoy your weekends and stay safe!!


  1. OMG! Ghost tour and liquor?! I love you! LOL

    1. Bahaha. It was a blast. We were drinking and dancing to Thriller over one of the bridges downtown and drinking some more. It was a gorgeous night for a double decker tour! I bet your city has one too!!!