Wednesday, August 14

Autumn is right around the corner.

Today's weather in middle Tennessee has been absolutely gorgeous!! We've had rain for almost the last two weeks straight and I was starting to hate it. So when the temperature hit 80 degrees as a high, I was stoked! I could roll the windows down and let the wind blow through my hair. It's those moments when I forget about negative things and just get in tune with Mother Earth. As temperatures continue to drop, even more at night, my brain begins to think about Autumn. Football, comfy sweaters, boots, a change in's easily my favorite season. Here are some of the things I'm most excited about.

1 hair
There's something about cable knit sweaters worn with a floral scarf, leggings and boots that makes me think about up-dos. Braids, twists, ponies, and buns. Hair is growing out from the Summer cut that you can actually play with new styles. I wear the double braid at least once a week. Here are more of my favorites. I especially love the first two twisty styles.

2 berry lips
When I mentioned darker makeup, this was what I had in mind. Remember the "oxblood" phase that everyone went through last year? Well it's coming back with a vengeance. Yayyy!! Fall is a great time to try this color and bring out any other new colors you wanted to try. If you have thinner lips, applying dark colors might traditionally make them look smaller but you can still wear this color if you also dab a lighter shade in the center of your mouth. It will make them appear bigger. And because this color is so rich, keep the rest of your face fresh and minimal.

3 hats
Other than scarves--because we all know they can get annoying AND hot--hats are my favorite Fall accessory. You can still get away with fedoras early in the season and floppy knits and beanies can be oh so cute. If you've got a bad hair day, wear a hat! If it's cold out, wear a hat! Hell, if you're running late, a hat can be the thing to add spunk to your outfit. Workplaces don't always allow the use of hats so they are left for your night and weekend wear. I'm okay with that but you can guarantee that you'll find me in a hat like these.

4 booties
I cannot WAIT to pull these out from under my bed. So yeah...I don't have room for all of the shoes in my closet so I have to store them under the bed. Booties can be worn with an evening dress or more casual with skinnies and a slouchy tee. You can wear them with leggings (or jeggings) and a tunic or a sundress and a leather vest. I haven't met a bootie that I didn't like. Chunky, stiletto, flat--you name it, I probably love it!

I don't want to wish away the rest of the Summer, but I also know that I can't wait for Autumn to get here. Bring it on!!

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