Friday, August 9

High Five for FRIDAY!!

Guess what, guys?! IT'S FRIDAY!!!! And you know what that means? It's time to recap my top five favorite things from the week! 


1. I love playing with this black-haired beauty. Asher is my favorite and he thinks he's so smart when he's sneaking up on me. #notsofastlittleone

2. Jerbear's sister turned 13 this week!! I got her a pretty cool cosmetic bag if I do say so myself. This was what it looked like. I have one just like it except in a different color.

3. I learned this hellish creature is an orb spider. Apparently they're not poisonous but they're still scarier than any spider I've ever seen!

4. If you remember from a few months back, I made a food passport. Five Points Pizza was on the list and we ate there last night. This meatball stromboli was to die for!

5. Finally decided to put up my recipe for Oreo balls. It's super easy and delicious. Probably my favorite snack when I'm wanting something like cake.

It sucks that the Nashville area had and is continuing to have so much rain for the next week. Everyone stay safe and enjoy your weekends!!

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  1. Oh my goodness, that spider is definitely scary looking, it gave me chills just seeing it on the computer screen haha!

    1. Yeah it was massive. It was weaving its' web right in the middle of the glass door leading out to the front porch. If we wouldn't have turned on the light, we wouldn't have seen it. We saw it Monday and I've still got the heebie jeebies.

  2. Oh my gosh that kitty picture is too cute!

    1. Thanks!! For some reason he is scared of this chair so all he does is peer over the top with intimidation in his eyes. He would never actually jump up unless he knew there was a toy. Even then, he'd grab and it and flee as fast as he could to another side of the house. Cat spooks? Lol.