Monday, August 5

Oreo Balls

My friend and co-worker told me about this recipe for oreo balls a while ago and I wanted to share it with you! If these things have ever hit your mouth, then you know how freaking delicious they are. In my opinion they taste just like cake balls but take half the time to make. AND there are only three ingredients.


1 pkg of Oreos (any can work--golden, birthday cake, strawberry ice cream, mint, etc)
1 8oz pkg of Cream Cheese
1 lb of Chocolate (we like to do the opposite...chocolate oreos with white chocolate or golden oreos with dark chocolate, so buy either kind)


There is probably an official way to crush up oreos. I think the recipe calls to throw a few at a time into a blender to crush them. But I don't want to jack ours up so we just pour all of the oreos into a gallon size plastic bag and crush them. You can either crush by stabbing it with a utensil of some sorts

or you can use a bottle of beer or liquor that might be sitting around the kitchen. Now everyone knows I don't own a rolling pin. Eek. 

Once they have been crushed to your desired crushed-level, turn the bag inside out and scrap off all that you can into a bowl. Combine these with the cream cheese. It is probably easier to use a hand mixer to get these to stick together but it's just as effective to squish it with your hands. 

Pull out a baking dish and cover it with a piece of parchment paper. Form this mixture into bite-sized balls and place on the sheet. Place it in the freezer and leave for about fifteen to thirty minutes. This allows the balls to harden just a touch so that when they are drizzled with chocolate in the next step, they won't fall apart.

If you can tell from the above pictures, in the top right corner is a picture of this baking chocolate that you can find at your grocery store. It comes in a microwaveable tray. 

I don't know if we are just the ones who haven't see this, but I thought it was pretty genius. You microwave the chocolate for one minute and stir. If it is still not a creamy texture, microwave it at fifteen minute intervals. I only had to heat it up for that initial minute and I was able to use it for all of my Oreo balls.

After every ball has been coated with the chocolate, I would suggest keeping it in the fridge until it's time to eat them. They'll be fine if left out, but I personally like them when they're not falling apart so easily.


If you have an upcoming baby shower, you can add food coloring to the cookie crumbles and cream cheese mixture to match. And if you have a Vegan friend, you can substitute the cream cheese for tofu cream cheese. It tastes just the same once it's mixed with everything else.

And there you have it!! A super easy recipe for Oreo balls!!

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