Friday, June 7

Makeover Madness

I've been wanting to begin practicing make up application for a while now. If you remember my blog about career changes, you'll know that it's been on my mind but I was a little hesitant about how to go about starting this. Plus, I still want to get a little more meat to my blog before I start "advertising" it on Pinterest, Facebook, etc. I didn't want any readers to see a post about make up and then want to look around for other posts and there be nothing else. My co-workers said I should just do it, so I'm putting on my big girl panties and that's what I'm doing. Bare with me. Haha, get it??

I applied your basic brown smokey eye to both of my co-workers, Alex and Amy. I could have experimented a little more if I had my make up bag with me. I have more of a selection of eyeshadow colors but, unfortunately, I left it at home. So we worked with what we had. And I think it would have looked funny if their first "looks" was not something they wear in every day life. It turned out for the best.

 Luckily Alex's hair was put up during the day while it was wet so when she took it down, it was gorgeous. I hate her a little only because my hair can't do that. 

 Lip color is  Rimmel's no.006 "Pink Blush".

 Cheek color is Maybelline's Fit me! blush in Medium Pink.

 Bronzer is Sephora "Los Cabos". I use this on my face and love it. A general rule to have when picking a bronzing color? Find a color that has NO sparkle, is matte, and is gray-based.

 Amy had already put on her foundation so I got to play around with her eyes, lips, and contouring her cheeks. Lip color is Rimmel's no.022 "Nostalgia".

The eyeshadow's used were all Bare Minerals loose shadows. I highlighted her brow bone with "Queen Phyllis". I applied "Camp" over her entire lid and "Pussycat" in the outer corner. Lastly, I applied a tiny bit of "True Gold" in the inner corner of both eyes. They were lined with a black pencil and smudged together with the shadows.

I used the same Sephora brand bronzer "Los Cabos" on Amy. See how it goes with Alex's fair skin as well as Amy's darker skin? 

My promise to you is that I will always remember to take before pictures, rather than just after. I also promise to find a set to take these pictures that has the best lighting and no distracting background. And lastly, I promise to bring some sort of hair styling tool with me at the time of the make over. Make up can be quite the transformation but styling the hair completes the package. For example, in Cara's blog (, her before pictures have some women with their hair pulled back and the after picture is taken with the womens' hair loosely curled.

See the crazy differences that Cara was able to achieve?!? I want to get THAT GOOD. So if I see you on the street and some crazy lady asks to give you a makeover, please be kind to me and say yes! It might be a little while before I can build up the courage to ask this to strangers, but I'll definitely be asking my friends. Get ready.

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