Saturday, June 15

Every day makeup look for work Tutorial

Where do I begin when it comes to telling you how much I love makeup? Well, I do... a lot.  Whether I make this my career or not, it will always hold a very special place in the creative side of my heart. I wanted to upload a tutorial of one of my favorite work looks that shows a neutral eye with bright lips. I'm very excited about it. So without further ado, I made a video tutorial on my YouTube page that shows you the colors as well as how to apply them.

Disclaimer: This is my first video post and it will be featuring MY face, not someone else's, so I'll try to get it done without being too awkward. And I have very little editing skills so I'm going to try and get this done in one take.

Disclaimer no.2: I also noted after watching the video that my bathroom has HORRIBLE lighting. Please ignore that. I'll look into recording in front of a window next time...or something.

Here's a funny picture I took before we headed out tonight. It shows you better lighting.


And there you go! I can already see the areas that need improving but I hope you can see through that and take what you need from the tutorial.

Have fun with your makeup and don't be afraid to try new things!!

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