Saturday, June 1

Beach recap

Wow. When I started this blog back up, I wanted to post things as often as possible if not every single day. We've been at the beach for seven days now and blogging was the last thing on my mind. So sorry for the delay. I'll try to get back to my regular routine come Monday.

This beach trip to Santa Rosa, FL was, aside from stressful family moments, the much needed break that Jerry and I needed. I posted a few pictures in my last post when we arrived last Saturday and its' appeal held up all week long. Luckily I wasn't trying to murder anyone until close to the end of the trip. We left early enough last Saturday so that we could miss some of the Memorial Day-weekend-trip-traffic. We were about half an hour to the house and we hit it. We came to a halt, accelerated to about twenty mph, halted, accelerated to about ten mph, halted, and so on. That last stretch of road took us probably another hour. It was miserable. BUT it was well worth it. The house was gorgeous, it was in an adorable little neighborhood, and was about a quarter of a mile to the beach if that long. My sister Abigail, nephew Zion, Jerry, and I headed to the beach that night while mom and dad went grocery shopping. The water was freezing! I froze my nickers off!! My brother, Andrew, his wife Maggie, and their daughter Ruby joined us Sunday afternoon. It was great and all, but with a nineteen month old AND a three and a half year old?! Not my cup of tea--or liquor, in my case.

The whole week was spent going to the beach, the pool, and to the malls in Destin. My normal suntan routine is to get as burnt as possible without using any sunscreen. Skin cancer runs in my family. Shh, don't tell anyone. I should probably be more smart about that. Moving on. I decided that since we were going to be there seven days, not counting the two for traveling, I needed to come up with a plan.

Here was my plan:

  • Go to the beach Sunday and lay out for 30 minutes, tops, on both sides.
  • Go shopping Monday at the outlets in Destin.
  • Go the beach Tuesday and lay out for the same time like on Sunday.
  • Go shopping Wednesday at the super nice outdoor mall further into Destin.
  • Lay out Thursday at the pool.
  • If I still wasn't satisfied with my tan, I'd lay out Friday and get burnt.
I think I stuck with that plan for the most part. It's so hard to tell how much sun you got while you're still in the sunlight because after you get in and a few hours pass, your skin always gets redder. They say that if you can see redness while still outside that you're done for. You might as well lay in a pool of aloe for the next several days. So I am very happy that I wasn't stupid with my skin.

I know Jerry wasn't happy to go shopping that often but there wasn't much else to do. We did drive down to Panama City last night with Abigail. She had a close friend's cousin and his family in PC so we met up with him and did a little bar hopping. We even met a new friend!

Now that I look at this picture, I think I need to go a shade darker with my foundation. Eesh.

But back to shopping. We got tons of stuff and I'm a little excited to tell you about them! If you think this might bore you, just skip through this and you can look at the pictures at the end of the post. K, thanks! 

We bought three different BBQ sauces, three different salsas, three different flavored popcorns, some gummies, an owl mug, a green bowl, and some pb chocolate coffee at Harry and Davids. We used to have one in Opry but after the flood in 2010, they never opened another. Sad day. We also got an orange vase in the shape of an owl, some incense, a canvas with this weathered indian chief (which I think you can kinda see in the trunk behind me in this picture, and a small sugar skull side table that we'll use out on our patio from Earthbound Trading Co.

I made some purchases for myself. But you don't need me to list those out for you. It was clothes from Forever 21 and shoes from Old Navy and Nine West. Go me and my shopping addiction! Woo!!

I'll be back tomorrow to show you all of the pictures we took from this trip.

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