Thursday, June 27

Gray + White Stripes

I have been obsessed with stripes lately and I think it's safe to say that I'm not the only one. They just go well with every season whether it be in fashion or home decor. I found a blog a while back that gave instructions on how to paint a striped wall in her home. The Lazy Girl's Timesaving Tips for Painting Wall Stripes tells you that she wasn't the original tutorial maker but she just gives you ways to cut time with the project. Sign me up.

Her rules were as follows:
1. Use what you have.
2. Remember the number seven.
3. Use tape pieces to mark which rows NOT to paint.
4. Measure from the top down.
5. Find good painter's tape.
6. Don't let it dry.
7. Don't make the stripes two drastic colors.
8. Don't expect perfection.

Our walls in the entire house are this grayish-purplish-taupish color and it changes depending on if the sunlight is hitting it directly or if the lights are on in that room. We decided it would be fun to paint one of the walls in the bathroom. I considered Rule no.7 and thought about painting it tan/white and then picking the contrast stripe to be the opposite color of whatever I picked. But that was going to be too much work. Hello, I'm Meghan and I'm lazy. 

I also considered Rule no.1 and thought about using the paint in the garage left from the previous owners. I looked inside the cans and it was either the gray color or red from the front door. So I headed to Wally World and bought a quart of semi-gloss paint in Stone White.

Every other rule I tried to follow and it turned out to be a pretty simple project. The only sucky part was that we did not have a level of any kind so we took the redneck way of measuring across the wall with a pencil and yard stick. I don't have but a couple of pictures because this project happened before I started using Instagram and before I started blogging again. So I apologize for that. If you need more help using pictures, please visit the blog I linked in the beginning of this post and she can help you out!

Do any of you have any painting projects for your home? I'd love to hear about them! Send leave a comment and/or send me a link!!

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