Friday, June 28

High Five for FRIDAY


1. This was my first girls' night in a LONG time. We had so much fun. It's odd that I actually got a good picture during a night of drinking. Score!!

2. I stumbled upon found a recipe on Pinterest for an Apple Turkey Melt. Find my post here.

3. The hubs and I went to see Dave Chappelle live at The Ryman downtown. It was definitely a once in a lifetime show. Who knows when he'll be back in town or even performing again. Our line was wrapped around for an entire block. I know that seems small, but standing still makes it seem longer.

4. I found a new matte lipstick at Target this week. I keep collecting my "new favorites" of lipsticks so I decided to review them all. This color is Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in no.109. It's a beautiful orangey-red.

5. Super excited to find a photo editing app on my phone that smooths and brightens skin. That was all I did to this picture but it has many other features that I'm excited to play with. But, shhh, it's a secret.

This is the week that I decided to link up with Lauren Elizabeth and add on with her "High Five for Friday" posts. I'd really love to continue writing my normal posts, but let's be honest, Friday is the day that I want to not think about anything. I'll just recap of what went on that week and if you want to link up with Lauren, view this post on how to do that.

High five for Friday and enjoy your weekend!!!

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