Sunday, June 2

Beach recap, numero deux

In the last post, I talked mainly about our beach trip to Santa Rosa, FL, but I didn't leave you with any pictures. Shame on me! Lol. I'll keep my jabbering at a minimum so all you have to do is scroll through a few pictures.

 We stopped at Taco Bell just outside Montgomery on the way down and Abigail and I laughed at the sayings we could pair together with their sauce packets.
"Will you marry me?"
"Why say no when you can say yes?"
"I'm up for it if you are."
"It only gets hotter from here."

 Somehow we beat the rest of the family even when they left half an hour earlier AND we had to drop off our house key at a friend's house so he could feed our cats. 104 Hidden Lake Way, Santa Rosa, FL.

 Selfie time for our first outing to the beach!

 I've turned into a total hat girl and was pumped when I found these at Dick's.

Dad bought a ton of those frozen drink mixes in a can. This one was pina colada. Yum.

This was our first full day in Santa Rosa and, by far, my favorite swim suit picture of us. Twinkies!

 Beach day on Tuesday!

We passed Goatfeathers seafood restaurant on the way to the beach. We ordered shrimp from them one night too! If we did more than boiling it, I might have eaten it. #neverwillingtopeelashrimp

These were the new red wedges I bought at Nine West. 

Don't you love 'em?!

 I'll buy mom a cuter swim suit cover up one of these days ;)

 Zion was so excited about his goggles that he didn't even care that he could hardly see out of them. He didn't even want to take his swimmy off his waist. But by the end of the trip, he was swimming alone with his water wings, goggles, and jumping and diving like he'd been swimming for years.

 I think this was out last time out on the beach.

 Don't mind my massive saddle bags. I'm working on that.

 I am in love with this picture of my brother and his family. Just precious.

 So fricking cute.

This one's even cuter. Ruby was getting washed away with the tide.

 Typical posing for us.

And I just felt skinny in this picture. Don't hate.

When Maggie was changing Ruby out of her swim suit, she was climbing all over the chairs before her dry clothes were put on. She's part monkey, I tell you! See her little booty peeking out?! Adorbs.

Iiiiiice creeeeeam!!!

Zion was all tuckered out from going to the beach AND pool.

 This was the night that Jerry, Abigail, and I met up with Josh at Hammerhead Fred's in PC.

Annnd I'm just going to leave you with some nachos. Mmm mm.

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