Monday, June 17

Kitty Litter, TMI?

I'm trying not to sound like a total crazy cat lady right now but I just had to share our latest discovery from the kitty litter world. Arm & Hammer Double Duty is our new favorite litter.

Wow. It still sounds funny after uploading the picture of the box. Keep trucking along, Meghan! Stay serious. This stuff is the real deal. I've grown up with at least two cats in our family at all times. We had Garfield and Sassy when we lived in Chattanooga, Sassy and Felix when we lived in Birmingham, Sassy and Zoey when I was still living at home in Lebanon, and now we've got our own two, Asher and Sophie. What's a little scary is that Sassy has outgrown all of these cats. And she'll probably outlive us too! Aaah!!

We've always used Tidy Cats litter and I didn't realize that there was better stuff out there until Jerbear showed me the light. I was always scared to try anything different for fear that the cats wouldn't like it and they would shat in the house in protest. That happened, unfortunately, and now we know not to switch it up that often. We tried the corn fiber litter, which they hated the most, and some other brands of regular litter other than the Tidy Cats brand.

We liked other Arm & Hammer products and saw this stuff on the shelf...Double Duty litter. Why not try the stuff and see if their advertisement really holds up? I never knew that litter was supposed to clump when urine was sprayed in the area. I only thought that was for feces. But this stuff clumps with both. It's like MAGIC. Annnd, on top of that, the litter doesn't reak of amonia. Could this be our God-send?? Ever since we found out that the cats didn't hate it and the stuff actually worked according to its' claims, we haven't strayed since. So if you're tired of your house smelling like shit--or amonia--and you want to get the pee-soaked black litter out of their box without dumping it and putting more in, then I recommend buying a box of this litter and giving it a try. Tell me how much you love this stuff, if there's even such a thing as loving litter. Our cats deserve the best!!

And to end this on a not so stinky end, here are some pictures of Asher (the black one) and Sophie (the brown and white one). I never thought I'd see the day where my husband loves cats. 

Have a clump-tastic day, everyone!!!

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