Tuesday, June 25

Apple Turkey Melt

I am a sucker for a good grilled cheese sandwich. It's probably because my inner fat kid cries out in pure ecstasy every time cheese enters my mouth. Is that bad?? When I still lived at home, my mom tweaked the traditional recipe and turned it into a grilled turkey sandwich, mayo included. I'm sure everyone has heard of this, but she added mayo (not to be confused with Miracle Whip...yuck!) to the inside of the bread slices with a pile of turkey and cheese in the middle. It was to die for! If you're thinking about going vegetarian like I am, there are turkey alternatives out there.

Back in the Fall, I had been experimenting with apples in several recipes. I'm always hesitant to mix sweet things with any meats but I remembered having this apple and sausage pizza from Panera back in the day, and it was so yummy, so I wanted to just see what I could come up with.

I'm going to call this my "Apple Turkey Melt" and here's how you make it.


Spreadable Butter
Spicy Mustard
Slices of Turkey Meat
Slices of Cheese


1. Prepare griddle by heating at medium heat.

2. Butter only the outside of each slice of bread. I made four sandwiches so I will be buttering eight slices. I only start by buttering four and laying them on the griddle.

3. Grab a skinny silicone spatula and spread the grainy mustard on the four pieces of bread.

4. Add as much turkey meat as you would like. I like mine to be a little thicker so I'll add more.

5. Add enough apple slices to fill to whole space of the bread.

6. Add one or two slices of cheese next.

7. Grab your spatula again and spread more mustard to the remaining four slices of bread. Lay those on top of the cheese that was just placed.

8. Lastly, wash your spatula and use it to spread butter on the outside of the bread.

9. Cook like a normal grilled cheese. Flip times vary from different appliances. It will be easier to flip if you leave it a little longer; the middle parts will be more stuck together.

Another simple recipe that I recommend you all to try!! ENJOY :-)

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