Sunday, June 9

Summertime smoo--JELLO SHOTS!

Summer time smoothies can have quite the relaxing effect. There's something about them that makes me want to swing on the front porch or lay out in the backyard on a blanket reading my favorite book. Now I'm all about relaxing during these summer months but who am I kidding?! Summer months are also about going out and partying while the weather is still gorgeous. I'm going to tell you about a jello shot recipe!!

I found this recipe on Pinterest and the person that put those combinations together made some tasty jello shots. I'll tell you a few of theirs as well as some that we made up. The good thing about jello shots is that they aren't packed with liquor. Sure, you can definitely tell that it's in there but you could have several and not get chocolate-wasted as fast as you would with regular shots.

You will need to purchase any flavor jello in the 3 oz. boxes. This blogger mentions buying the plastic condiment cups with lids but excuse my language you have to finger them to loosen the jello from the cup. We found it is MUCH easier to buy the paper cups with no lids. That way when the jello has hardened and they are ready to eat, you can just squish the cups and the jello will just pop into your mouth.

Basic Jello Shots
1 cup boiling water
1/2 cup vodka
1/2 cup flavored liquor
1 small box jello (3 oz.)

Here is where you can start experimenting with different flavors. Just follow the measurement directions from the basic jello shots. They make about 20 shots per small jello box.

Orange jello
Whipped cream or vanilla flavored vodka
Triple sec

Jolly Rancher
Melon jello
Apple pucker

Blue Firecracker
Berry blue jello
Peach schnapps
Drop in a maraschino cherry with stem (it's the wick for your firecracker)

These were our three favorite but here are a couple of others you could try. I would say if you are looking for several flavors to make, find ones that have the same ingredients so that you don't have to buy every single liquor in the store.

Purple People Eater
Grape jello
Watermelon pucker

Banana Nirvana
Strawberry banana jello
Peach schnapps

Tequila Sunrise
Orange jello
Triple sec and grenadine

There are plenty of other ways to make these jello shots. You could save a tree and pour the shots inside a cored strawberry. Just google it. You'd be amazed at how many ways you could make these jello shots.

Or you could make them in fun ice cube trays!!

Now I do have a few smoothie recipes up my sleeve. So if jello shots aren't your thing, stay tuned because I'll share some of my favorites next time.

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