Thursday, September 5

teal smoky eye tutorial

The palette I decided to use for this tutorial actually came from my August Birchbox. It was two gorgeous blue&green colors with two neutral-y colors. When I play up the colors with my eye shadows, I obviously do the neutrals but I love mixing in purples, mahogoneys, and peaches as well. But I don't really pull in many blues or teals unless it's navy because I feel like it's then a ton of blues with my eyes in on it too.

The sample palette I got last month was by Coastal Scents. I'm not 100% sure that it comes with these specific colors in the normal-size palettes, but I loved the experimentation today.

I used MAC's Paint Pot in Painterly as my base. Honestly, with this stuff in my possession, I feel like I could do anything. It's THAT good. I've said it before and I'll say it until I can't any longer. With a good quality eye shadow base, you could buy the crappiest drugstore eye shadow and it would bring out its' pigmentation in the best possible way. 

I applied the three lighter colors with my pinky finger. I hate sponges or shadow brushes because I feel as though the "true" color does not get applied to my eye all the way. My finger helps spread its' truest color. I then applied the darker teal color in the corners and along the outside 1/3 of my lower lash line with a fluffy blending brush. I use this one by MAC but any blending brush will work. I then applied black liquid liner with a little wing and mascara like normal.

I realize now that cropping pictures to just show my eyes demonstrates how crappy my picture phone is. Maybe it's time to invest in a quality camera?! Jerbear??

 I also realize that I should probably fix my hair when doing eye shadow tutorials. Bleh.

What smoky eye shadows have you tried that's not in your typical routine? I suggest you break out of your comfort zone and try blue/green combos or red/purple combos. What better Fall season to try these rich colors than now?!

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