Friday, September 6

high five for friday

happy friday!

With the last Summer holiday now under our belts, the end of the year will fly by. It always does and it SUCKS. I've got plans to put up my Autumn home decor this weekend, but very soon it'll be Winter and I'll have to change my decor all over again. Time just needs to sloooow doooowwn.

The week has happened in the blink of an eye, so let's recap!

1. We stayed at Wilderness at the Smokies over last weekend--you know, this crazy place that you see shortly after you get off the exit for Sevierville, TN--and that tunnel looking thing is just as scary as it looks. But by far it was one of the best if not THE best water slides I've ever been on.

2. I thought about buying these yummy creature-snacks but opted out for the giant pixie sticks behind them. Who knew Walgreens would sell Mexican Spice and Cheddar Cheese "worm snax"?!

3. We also had cake-pops while in the Gatlinburg area last weekend. Jerry's cousin, Heather, is taking on baking as her career. I think it's so much fun and you get to make gorgeous foods like these! They pretty much melted in my mouth. All foods should be as sinful heavenly as these.

4. I haven't had an #asherandsophie picture in a few weeks. What is my deal?! I had to share this one because these two NEVER snuggle. And I know you can't see Asher but he's that black blob in the crook of my arm. How cute is brother and sister??

I probably should have adjusted the colors in this picture. Oh well...
5. We've had this light fixture over our kitchen table for going on five months now and I still catch myself staring up at it. Isn't she a beauty?! We got it from IKEA and it was super easy to install. Just switch out the wiring from the old fixture and attach all of those paper flowers to the wires and VOILA!!

How has all of your weeks been? Are you still partying hard and not letting go of Summer? Have you been long waiting for the temperatures to drop?

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