Friday, September 27

high five for friday

A week of glorious picture-taking? BIG FAT FAIL. So I'll be changing up my high five for friday post with my five favorite things this week.

numero uno | side-braid

I've been trying to pull out this look at every outing. Hopefully I'm not wearing it out too much because I really love it. I was inspired to try it after seeing this look.

numero dos | ankle boots

Yes, I've said it in previous h54f posts, but I am seriously loving these ankle boots I got at Target. They go with every single piece of clothing in my closet. The best part is that all women's shoes are BOGO 50% off until Saturday. Should I go back and get another pair? Decisions, decisions.

numero tres | orange lipstick

I didn't really know this but apparently orange lipstick is IN for Fall. I think I have found the perfect shade. It's that amazing orange-ish red-ish, matte, long-lasting lipstick. I would wear it every time I wore makeup if I could. I mean, I guess I could if I really wanted. My sister is more fair-skinned than me and it's just as beautiful when she wears it. If anyone is interested, it's Kate Moss by Rimmel Matte Lipstick no. 109.

numero quatro | counting calories

I've jumped back on the bandwagon and began counting my calories again. I don't really have a set date of when I want to lose xx amount of weight. Just whenever it happens, it happens. I'm eating a low amount of calories right now and then after I'm down to my ideal weight, I'll bump it up but continue to work out so I can maintain that weight. Yay for healthy initiatives!

numero cinco | halloween makeup

I have been on the HUNT for killer makeup to go with my Halloween outfit. The problem? I can't make up my freakin' mind on what I want to be. I've been pinning the images like a mad woman so I can remember all of the options. So which one do you think I should go with??? Comment and help a sister out!



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