Thursday, September 12

September Birchbox


The theme for this month's Birchbox was all about heritage. Stories, brands, and icons have their own fascinating history and the beauty team wanted to put together a box that showcased just that. And this is what I got:

Dr. Lipp
Original Nipple Balm for Lips | Full-size, $14.50
WHAT   Originally made for nursing moms, this ultrahydrating balm is a makeup artist fave.
HOW     Dab onto parched lips, cuticles, and elbows as needed

Grant Central Beauty
S.M.A.R.T. Skin Protecting Polisher | Full-size, $38
WHAT   This multitasker made with natural botanicals exfoliates, tones, smooths, and moisturizes.
HOW     Massage a dime-sized amount onto clean, dry skin for 30 seconds. Rinse optional.

Nail Lacquer - Delirium | Full-siz, $10
WHAT   Bold purple from the fashion label's first lacquer collection. Exclusive to Birchbox!
HOW     Apply two coats for a glossy finish, then share your #RuffianManicure!

Serge Normant
Meta Luxe Hair Spray | Full-size, $25
WHAT   Airy mist that keeps your 'do smooth and frizz-free, and also shield strands from UV rays.
HOW     Hold the can a few inches away from your head and spritz lightly.

Beauty Extra...
Deep conditioning Masque | Full-size, $23
WHAT   Right any number of hair sins with this intensely restorative, keratin-infused masque.
HOW     Massage generously into wet hair from roots to ends. Leave in 15 minutes and rinse.

My Initial Reviews
Dr. Lipp | I believe one of my friends got this product in her very first Birchbox a couple of months ago. I can't remember if she liked it or not but I don't get very excited about chapstick-like lip products. It kind of freaks me out a little when they tell you that the idea originally came from nursing mothers who needed to moisturize their cracked nipples. BUT, oddly enough, I tried this stuff on my lips and it's very smooth--like Carmax without that horrendous smell--and clear like vaseline. Maybe I'll start using this stuff before bed every night and see if my lips heal from all the chewing I do on them throughout the day.

Grand Central Beauty | I'm a little stumped with this stuff. Calling itself a "polisher" I'd expect it to make everything shiny. But it's supposed to exfoliate and smooth out any area on your body. It has a clean smell without being overwhelming like the cotton scents.

RUFFIAN | I was hoping I'd be getting this nail polish in my box. I watched the Birchbox girls' video that they posted on Facebook and the colors they were showcasing were so pretty! This dark purple is very luxe. But because it's so dark, I'll probably wait to wear it for another month or so. Dark nail polish makes me think of cold weather. I'm anxious to see if the polish's formula works well or not.

Serge Normant | I've gotten some sort of hair product (or two!) in my box every month. I liked the KMS spray I got last month so theoretically I shouldn't need another hair spray but that's what I received. It smells like your typical hair spray and claims to keep frizz away like all the rest. The one thing that stood out was that it claims to protect your hair from UV rays. I've never heard that before. Is that a new thing?

Keratherpy | When I first pulled this out of the box, I was thinking it was a facial mask. But it wasn't. Sad day. It was a hair mask to help replenish and restore any damaged hair. It just seems like a plain 'ole conditioner. I guess I'll give it a try but with my thick hair, it's not going to last long.

Have you received your Birchbox yet? What did you get in yours??

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