Wednesday, September 4

#ootd and "What's in my purse?"

With a day off today, not due to extra holi-days but because of doctors appointments, what better way to spend it than to have a little fun in the park. And with some fun in the park, I knew the hubbard wanted to capture it. #onedayhewontbesonice #thisfavorwillbitemeintheass

And while we're here, might as well show you what's inside my purse, amirite?! LET'S GO!

Just your average purse o' junk.

And if you look closer, here's what you can find:

Pink Chiffon lotion from Bath and Body Works |  Food Passport | LG Nexus 4 | Kleenex tisssues | Coral Wallet | Checkbook | Pens (I'm a hoarder) | A random key | A purse hook | Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Nearly There (I normally carry the entire bag of 20-ish lipsticks, but not today) | Random brochures and receipts at the bottom

What's in your wallet purse?

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