Monday, September 2

A rising makeup artist named JERRY

We've all heard of the boyfriend/husband tag and this tag can be interpreted in two ways. If you don't know anything about it, just search it on YouTube. You WON'T be disappointed. One way is to ask certain questions to your significant other and see how or what they answer. For example, I could ask Jerry "What is Meghan's favorite place to eat for date night?" or "What is something that Meghan is always watching on TV?" and so on. It's more of a get-to-know-you-interview in case your readers/viewers don't know much and it also tests your partner in a fun way.

BUT, the other tag you can do is when your significant other applies makeup on your face. Some apply it to see how ridiculous it can be and others honestly try their hardest to make the girl look pretty. Iiiii think I got the short end of the stick. Do you agree?

So what do you think?! Was Jerry trying to make me look like a clown or was he sincerely trying his best to apply makeup to my face?

Naturally, I had some follow-up questions for Jerry. He does not know my routine but I wanted to know why he chose and/or did not choose certain products.

Q: Why did you not choose concealer, blush or bronzer?
A: Because you don't have anything to conceal, I didn't want your cheeks to be red since I picked out red lipstick, and I have no idea what bronzer is.

Q: Why did you apply eye liner before the eye shadow?
A: I thought that is what you were supposed to do.

Q: Why was the liner drawn on so thick?
A: I did not draw it close enough to your eye so I tried to compensate.

Q: Why did you choose the blue shadow for my eyes?
A:  I dunno. I figured it would stand out. Doesn't red, white, and blue go together? It's America. (I'm not making this up. He really said this. Lol.)

Q: Why was the lip liner drawn away from my natural lip line?
A: I drew it as close as possible.

Q: Did I not look like Joker to you?
A: Yeah but I messed up. There was no turning back by that point. I've never been great at coloring in the lines.

Q: Were you honestly trying to make me look pretty or were you trying to make it as bad as possible?
A: Um, I was trying to do my best. I wasn't trying to make you look ugly.

Personally I don't know how I would have liked this to turn out. Obviously it would have made a great blog to look all cray-cray but then again, if he did do a good job, should I have been worried? Not that being a male make-up artist is anything to be worried with there's not a creative bone in his body. So it had to have come from somewhere...or someone.

Now I'm tagging you!! Get your significant other to apply your makeup without any help and see how he/she does. Link up with me because I want to see how they do!


  1. This is amazing!! OH MY GOSH. At least you know he could do your look for Halloween!!! Too funny!! I've got to ask my husband to do this to me and take pictures for laughs.

    1. Yes, do it!! And send me pictures because I HAVE to see this!!!