Monday, December 30

NYE: UD look no.2

So I don't know about you, but I love going out on the town for New Year's Eve. Going out as in getting all gussied up with sparkles and falsies and champagne in our hands. Even though I'm still learning my own MUA secrets and signatures, I wanted to show you what my face would be like on NYE.

From what I've seen, most girls either go with golds or silvers with a LOT of whites/creams in their outfit. And since I've been coveting gold lately, I wanted to change it up a little and go with silvers and grays!

After applying my whole face, I applied an eye primer and then just the color with the arrow on the left. "Sidecar" was applied to my lid leaving a little space on the inner and outer corners.  I applied it wet so it would be extra shimmery.

I then applied "Naked" to my crease, but any neutral brown will work, so that is why I did not mark it with an arrow.

I applied the gray color on the right, "Gunmetal", to the inner and outer corners that you left a spot for earlier. This gives a beautiful smoking effect.

Lastly with my shadows, I applied a little bit of the "Sidecare" to my lower last line.

I finished the look with some black, winged, liquid liner and applied two coats of L'Oreal Butterfly Effects mascara to top and bottom lashes. **I completely forgot about my falsies in these pictures, but once I realized it, after I had applied the mascara, I knew it'd be too late to try and apply them then. Curled lashes and falsies do NOT mix in my opinion.**

So what do you think? Sparkly enough for NYE?? Comment below and tell me your favorite going out looks!!

Bt-dub, if you're interested, the hot pink lipstick I applied came from my August Ipsy glam bag. It's Urban Decay's lipstick in Anarchy. Don't you love it?!

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  2. Looks beautiful, I love that palette!
    I was thinking of buying it with a NARS cheek palette for New years :)

    1. Thanks, Taylor! This palette is definitely my favorite of the three...just my preference though. The third one has some really pretty rosy colors. And I LOVE anything NARS. Treat yourself!! :-)

  3. I just found your blog on the Monday Mingle hop! This is a beautiful look!

    1. Thank you :-) I'm glad you found me through the linkup, Lexie!