Monday, December 23

December Birchbox

Luxury-shmuxury. I'm finding it very difficult to actually stick with my promise of hanging in with Birchbox for a whole year. Their samples just don't appeal to me any longer. On average, there are two products that I like in the beauty box each month. I know they give you these samples to inspire you to buy them on your own, and not everyone is going to like every single thing, but I still felt as if it has been a huge waste of money.

I'm still trucking forward, though, and maybe I'll adjust my online profile so that I won't get anymore similar moisturizing products. Or since my face is so sensitive, maybe I'll take out that I want to try those types of products as well.

So let's jump right in! Here are my 5.5 products in this month's Birchbox.

Camille Beckman
Body Butter - Morelia Monarch Scent | Full-size, $15
   WHAT  A handcrafted formula that softens skin with shea butter, sweet almond oil, and glycerin
   HOW    Apply all over, focusing on dry spots like elbow and knees.

This is a product that I'll probably never use. Although it is super moisturizing on my hand right now, I know there are other cheaper products out there. I'll more than likely throw this in a small bag to keep in the car for when I forget my other body butters.

Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk | Full-size, $18
   WHAT  Award-winning fan fave that absorbs grease and puts the bounce back into second-day hair.
   HOW    Shake can and spritz 10 inches from roots. After 2 minutes, brush out to distribute powder.

Although I don't typically use dry shampoo, it's fun to try out new hair products. I'm curious to know whether this really does give me more bounce with day-old hair.

LAQA & Co.
Lil' Lip Duo - Bossy Boots & Ring of Fire | Full-size, $16
   WHAT  Megawatt color and lip-nourishing vitamin E, plus an easy-to-wield crayon applicator.
   HOW    Trace over lips, layering for a more vibrant look.

I used this lip crayon a last week at work and loved it. It's a gorgeous red and has a little bit of shine to it. It's similar to the crayon I got in my Ipsy bag last month but it's not matte and is a little darker. The only thing I didn't like was that it bled past my lip lines within a few hours. The other lasted all day.

Miracle Skin Transformer
SPF20 Face | Full-size, $48
   WHAT  This tinted hydrator color-corrects, leaving a smooth, airbrushed finish.
   HOW    Use fingertips to apply a pearl-sized amount to face and neckline. Layer for more coverage.

I didn't even know this was a tinted "skin enhancer" until I typed out the description from the card. The letters on the sample bottle were all smudged out for some reason. When I applied a little to my jawline, there was barely any color so I'm not sure I'm going to use this if I had to run out to the store rather quickly for a last minute item. If it doesn't cover, there's no point. Just sayin'.

- - - - - - - beauty extra - - - - - - -

that's incredi-'peel'! | Full-size, $49
   WHAT  Spa-grade pads that gently soothe and retexturize overnight to reveal even, radiant skin.
   HOW    At night, wipe the pad over clean, dry skin. Do not rinse. Follow with moisturizer.

This is a product I'll never use. At least not right now in my life. I'm currently using acne treatment and it says not to use this stuff if you are "using Accutane or retinoids or have rosacea, eczema or open cuts on skin." Maybe I'll keep it around for future use.

Birchbox also released word that their mobile app was now live! So they sent one of those sticker things that you put on the back of your phone and you can peel it off and on as many times as you like to clean the front of your phone. It's a cute little 1" diamond shape with the B symbol they use on packaging. I don't care about their app but these things are pretty nifty.

If you're interesting in signing up with Birchbox, although I might have swayed you in the opposite direction, just visit their site and follow the instructions!

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  1. I've never gotten one of the beauty subscriptions. I always fear 1/2 of it will go unused. But looks like your got some goodies this month.

    1. This one was definitely better than past Birchboxes, but it's still not my favorite. If you are interested in finding luxury beauty items, then sign up with them. But if you're wanting to find things that you'd buy on your own, I'd suggest checking out Ipsy. Just my opinion :)

  2. Yeah I'm up and down with Birchbox. Good idea about changing your profile to maybe get different samples. Perhaps I should try that. Klorane is a super popular/praised dry shampoo but I'm a brunette and I found that it just left white residue in my hair. I did like the hand moisturizer as I put it in my purse and applied during these cold NYC months.

    I've also found other Birchbox bloggers to swap products/samples with. If they wanted an item from my box I wouldn't use, I swap it with them for another product of theirs. It helps you not feel like you're wasteful and you can get the products you want :)

    Thanks for linking up!