Tuesday, December 3

31 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 3

OKAY. Allllright. You don't have to twist my arm. I'm going to let you in on my little secret for the day. I was supposed to post this sometime on the 3rd of December, but I'm actually writing it the next morning and I'll just change the date within the post. Muah ha ha. Do you want to know why? MONSTER MARGARITAS. That's why. Is there an expression for drinks that's the same as "my eyes were bigger than my mouth"? No, wait. It still works. It'll have to. 

We went out for my dad's birthday last night and he was the one who wanted a "fishbowl-sized" drink so I tried to get him to order the monster size. But nooooooo. He just ordered the regular size, plenty of them no less, and I was the one who took on the burden of drinking this helluva monster. *wink*

Kind of a long story short, today's (but really yesterday's) blogging challenge is to post my favorite picture of myself and I have to explain why. So let me do a little digging.

Ah, here it is.

Not to sound weird or brag-y here, but I LOVE this picture because I feel like a model. I don't remember making a certain face to achieve the snap, I think it had to do with the angle and me looking up, and how I had my hand over J's hand...If you couldn't tell, it was a shot from our engagement shoot that our friends took of us in Birmingham. 

My parents have it on their fridge, Jerry's dad has it next to their tv, and I wouldn't be surprised if anyone else has it hanging up somewhere. Lol. Okay, now I sound like I'm bragging. There were several other pictures of just me that I was wanting to put up, but by narrowing it down, this one was the winner.

What is your favorite picture of yourself? Comment below and link to your blog!

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  1. Definitely a beautiful picture of you! And I *hate* it when I accidentally not blog because Margaritas. :)