Monday, December 2

31 Days of Blogging Challenge: Day 2

Today's challenge is a simple little list: 10 Things that Make Me Happy. I think I can tackle it without getting too long-winded, but who knows. I'm going to step outside the box and list things that aren't my norm (family, love, possessions, etc) just for the fun of it.

one | New subscribers make me happy. I know this might seem silly, but getting new followers means I'm growing my blog successfully. It's still in the early stages but it makes me happy every time.

two | Music makes me happy. Growing up being surrounded by musically-enhanced parents and siblings, I hated taking lessons and singing in church, but I'd die without it now as an adult.

three | Shopping makes me happy. I'm a girly girl at heart and there's just something about a new outfit or accessory that boosts my confidence in a different way.

four | Decorating makes me happy. If I would have thought that Interior Design could be a major in college, I would have gone for it. More rooted degrees were drilled in my brain as a kid, unfortunately.

five | AC units make me happy. This one sounds stupid. I know. But we are all blessed to be living in houses or apartments that keep us warm in the Winter and keep us cool in the Summer.

six | Makeup makes me happy. I don't just like it to make myself "look pretty" but I love experimenting with the colors, finding new ways to contour my face shape, and changing looks.

seven | Candy makes me happy. I'm such a fat kid for even mentioning this, but it's true. I'm happy when I've got some sort of candy in front of me. Preferably chewy and fruity things. *wink wink*

eight | "The Sing-Off" makes me happy. Since we don't have cable, I'm left to obsess over prime time shows and I'm so happy this show wasn't cancelled like I thought it was. A cappella groups RULE!

nine | My kitties make me happy. Der. I just couldn't leave them out of this list, now could I? No matter what pet I will have in my lifetime, I will love them all.

ten | Books make me happy. I love exploring new stories, rereading classics, and just getting lost in those characters. It takes me away from my current life stresses and I love it.

So there's my list! What 10 things make you happy??

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