Wednesday, December 11

Are you trying to brainwash me?

I had planned this trip with my friends for some time now. We wanted to do something different than just the beach or lake or mountains. Someone suggested visiting an abandoned house that gave tours. I wasn't much into staying the night at haunted houses or penitentiaries, but for some reason I really wanted to go on this specific tour.

It reminded me a lot of "The Amityville Horror" movie because that house was built on top of a burial ground and so was this house. The only difference was that the house was right in the middle of a tourist trap. There were two story gas stations, souvenir stores, and carriage rides.  So how haunted could it be, right?!

All eight of us packed our bags and headed out first thing in the morning. Luckily, Conner's cousin  was one of those show-timey ghost hunters so he was able to borrow all of the equipment in hopes that what we might see could be recorded.

We got to the house later that night and unpacked all of our bags in the upstairs rooms. There was a lounge-y type area on the landing with several chairs and a fireplace so we all sat down before dinner to just chill. Mindy noticed this little girl walking up the stairs and eyeballed me so that I would notice her too. The girl was dress in a floral dress with a lace collar, white tights, and black mary janes.

As the girl gets to the top of the stairs, she stares at us for several seconds, and then walks off to a room at the end of the hallway. None of us knew what that room went to because there was a gate in front of it. But it was the strangest thing ever! All we could do was look at each other and then bust out in laughter.

Dillon gets up from the couch and walks downstairs, very blankly, and slams the front door as if he were going on an evening stroll. Nothing was thought of it until Brittany did the same thing. She got up from the group, with a blank stare, and walks into her room slamming the window shut.

I didn't know what was going on until Mindy looks at me and notices that she has these tiny splinter-like bristles stuck to her hands and the part of her body that had been sitting on the couch. She moved a pillow to see what was on the couch and more bristles were stuck to her hand. She moved more, placing her inner bicep on the back couch cushion, and bristles were now stuck there too.

As she is looking down at her feet, it's like her face switched off, and she slowly stands up, walking toward the stairs like Dillon did earlier. I had been standing up leaning on the banister this whole time but I put two and two together that there was something going on when you touched things in the house.

One by one, all seven of my friends walked out of the house like they were being brainwashed and drawn to something outside. Dillon, Brittany, Mindy, Drew, Chris, and Heather all disappear within twenty minutes. The idiot that he is, Conner had been recording this ever since Brittany began acting strange.

I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier, but I began pulling out these bristles from my body and as soon as each bristle was pulled, I began feeling myself slip out of this craze. I grabbed Conner's arm, camera in hand, pulled him down the stairs, out of the house, and to the closest gas station so that someone could help us.

On the way escaping this house, I see a flash image of Heather jumping over a cliff towards a huge patch of whatever those bristles were. I scream her name but she doesn't hear me. I run towards this opening and see that all of my friends were at the bottom entrapped in bristles and thorns, dying. At the other opening of the cliff, that little girl from inside the house was just looking at us. We make a mad dash towards the interstate.

Because of the camera equipment that Conner was carrying with him, he tripped over a rock and fell down a little slope into more of these damn bristles. There wasn't any hope of saving him. He was majorly entangled and if I tried to help him, we'd both die. The last thing he said to me was "RUN!"

I make it up to the gas station and find this 20-something boy pulling up in his white mustang. He had just taken a huge hit of Mary Jane and blew it in my face with a big smile on his face. I tried to tell him what was going on at this house but he just laughed like I was crazy. At this point, I'm not sure if I had gotten more bristles in my skin, but I could feel myself fading out of consciousness and hitting the pavement.

The story of this house was that anytime that little girl looked directly at you, granted you had enough of those bristles in your skin, she would brainwash you by louring you out to the cliff outside and you would willingly jump to your death. The house was built on top of the girl's family's graves and she thought everyone staying at the house were trying to replace her family. Obviously, she didn't like that.

Man. Dreams are weird, huh?!

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